Quote Of The Day #3.2

Quote Of The Day

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61 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #3.2

  1. Yes, competition can be counter productive, often producing negative emotions. Even when it is necessary, it is no more than necessary evil.

    1. You are right!

      Someone once said, “there is no point running a rat race, even if you win, you are still a rat.”

      I think it’s important to focus on what we can do best and not what we can do better than others.

    1. Yes exactly- we are all on our own unique path and trying to compete with someone else will just end with you ending up at the wrong destination.

  2. 🙌 So true. You have the power to change the person that you were 5 minutes ago if you wish. Don’t get worried about others either and making them understand. Some people will never understand what you are doing. That’s ok. You’re not here to make them understand, you’re here to live your life

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