What Are You Up To?

I am currently finishing one research paper and will start working on the next one as soon as I am done with this one. Consequently, I don’t have time to write an actual post today so I wanted to ask you guys what you are up to. Hopefully, your situation is better than mine. Let me know in the comments!

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47 thoughts on “What Are You Up To?

  1. Good luck on your paper(s)! I’m working on my Star Wars blog, writing some fanfiction, and thinking about starting a podcast. It’s good to keep busy, right? Lol.

  2. I’m just finishing up rearranging my living room/dining room/office (our living space is so small!). I’ve basically moved my desk from one corner to the other; despite being unhappy about working in the corner of the room in the first place. At least it’s roomier, I guess? 🤷‍♀️ good luck with your papers!

  3. Good luck on the paper!! I am just in a mall right now and omg 😱 I brought tons of shopping and now I am going to a theme park

  4. A busy day for me too. Catching up on blogs for a few minutes while I eat breakfast then I have to get ready for work at my library job. Good luck with your papers!

  5. Looking over the timeline and responding to anything that catches my interest. Also playing games 🙂 . All the best with your research papers.

  6. Now up on Instagram. Worked on my weekly podcast, blog post. Working on other e-books, but taking care of sites also. Hope the paper goes well.

  7. What am I doing? Reading posts about people writing papers as they are completely and utterly unaware of the FACT that the end of the world bearing down on everyone right now… Smh… I only bother to write this right now knowing it will not make a bit of a difference, because it still pains my heart

  8. All the best! I am rooting for you.
    I’m trying to constantly remind myself that I’m a student so that I can actually get work done 😂
    Have a good week!

  9. I spent the day at the hospital (last day working there) until end of June/July. We went out for dinner to celebrate, which apparently isn’t a thing anymore in Ontario. They kept restaurant takeout and patios open here but I still question it…. I just got home. I need to study for an upcoming exam but I’m too tired to study tonight 😒 been up since 4:50am for morning shift! Blogging definitely got put on the back burner this month.

  10. Trying to finish my second novel and do some editing on my first from things I have painfully learned. My blog is up to date but trying to find time to write for next month. There is always something but that’s life.
    Good luck with your paper.

  11. My office job as an accountant (I did it seven years)😊

    Now, I will be serving at a restaurant at night, and writing and spending time with my 2 year old during the day.

  12. What am I up to? Well, I want to start writing again. But then, the motivation isn’t there. So, I came up with writing short stories, although they are a little shaky. I’m literally trying.

    I get you, though. You should take your time and breath, then you come back. See you on Instagram, hehe♡

  13. Good luck with the paper. Deadlines can be my best friend. I’m working a new job from home (2 months now, still feels new) and preparing for an autism awareness action festival on Saturday. I’m an author and I sell my book(someday books) and paired resources. Sure to be a good time, but the pressure is always high!

  14. Hey! Good luck for your paper! I am kinda new in the blog world I suppose, trying my best to be visible and heard through my words! Any good suggestions might be helpful for me.

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