Quote Of The Day #11

Quote Of The Day

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37 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #11

    1. Your defects and dexterity are divinely designed to help you shine brighter. What matters most is how you maximize the weakness.

      To some, their sweetness is a weakness, perspective matters in the fulfilment of purpose.

      Have a gold day, my friend.

  1. I’ve recently been indulging myself in the works of Alan Watts and his perspectives on things. He died before I was born, he was part of a different generation and although he was born in England as I was, he lived in America and was translating the Eastern world philosophies for the western world audience. He never preached about anything or forced his ideology on anyone. He simply stated what he considered the meanings were to a variety of subjects. He, in my opinion, pointed out the blatantly obvious principles that are important and then you realise that they have been lost in today’s world

    1. I have been reading a little on him- don’t know very much yet- and he seems like a very interesting person. He definitely had a lot of very interesting thoughts and I agree a lot of what he said are I guess not so obvious anymore principles that we need to start thinking more about.

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