Quote Of The Day #15

Quote Of The Day

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48 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #15

  1. “You’ve changed!” is a comment people will use when they want you to go back to the older version of yourself, when they may be wanting you to go back to being compliant about their nonsense!!

    Change is natural in life! We all grow up, we all change over the course of our lives!

    People who have a problem with this are perhaps the o es we need to remove ourselves from?!

    1. Absolutely! People don’t want you to change because they want you to keep being a pushover and hate to see you grow into something better. Change is the only constant in life and for good reason!

  2. “You only outgrow those standing still or those not making the same growth as you;
    just because you outgrow a real friend
    don’t make themless of a friend or an enemy!” _-Van Prince

  3. I’ve always wished that I can outgrow all my imperfections. LOL. But sometimes it is hard to change. We try. We make efforts. I always tell myself to try new words, new recipe (simple ones only), new way to blog. It’s not always successful since I tend to be set in my old ways. Hahaha.

    1. It is impossible to outgrow “all” one’s imperfections, since we are constantly adding perfections to ourselves… it is only later we realize, some are not as perfect as we had supposed… and had become imperfections over time. When we recognize this, we know we have grown. We should never hamper our growth so as to remain as an artificial youth for others…

      As for those imperfections we never out grow… well… if they were not there… we would not be here…

  4. I’m glad I can outgrow myself. But I still want to have her over for drinks occasionally to talk about the good ole days. Like once every five years or so… Lol. Not too often.

  5. This post reminds me how i hear the phrase “you have changed* so often. People need to know that running my website for me is a huge honour and i will choose this anyday over a corporate rat race. #mywordskraft

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