What Would You Like To Hear

I wanted to film a few more episodes of our podcast and wanted to ask what you guys would be interested in hearing us (or sometimes just me if my sister is busy) talk about. Any suggestions are welcome because there are no stupid ideas… just stupid people (jk jk😂).


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36 thoughts on “What Would You Like To Hear

  1. People say that every kid in a family grows up with a different set of parents. This isn’t at all true of course. You and your sister share a very similar parenting experience. Yet, there are probably differences in how your parents approached raising each of you. If that’s a subject that interests you both, It might make for good listening.

  2. Probably something about both of your music tastes and how they differ…
    Or if you want to do something alone, you can maybe talk about your dream job…

  3. Would be interested to hear about your canada life and career/education path. Also your experiences with toxic relations and friends and how you came out of it, it’s effect on mental health.

  4. Perhaps reflecting at the time when you were a newbie blogger, how you have grown, how things seemed when you’d just begun, how you learned your way around WordPress, what you would like to accomplish with blogging and such.. That would make a really interesting talk. Really looking forward to your podcast 🤩

  5. Whatever you feel like, the way you blog from your heart make your podcast the same way. I am sure its gonna be as superb as your posts. I really look forward. All the best♥️🥺💕

  6. You should do in which you feel comfortable with because there are numerous topics and everyone has different tastes. Best of luck with the podcast.

  7. Wow, I would be interested to know any experience of yours–growing up with a sister (I am very jealous here), life in Canada, festivals and customs growing up (only if it is not a strain on the privacy).

    1. Lol having a sister has it’s pros and cons. I will definitely keep those suggestions in mind be sharing those in the future.

  8. I wonder if it would be best to use your blog posts as a guide for your podcast? You don’t have to take my advice if you don’t want to though lol

    1. That’s kind of what I’m thinking about doing to be honest- since I’ll be connecting my blog and podcast anyway I feel like it would be cool if I wrote about a topic and then elaborated on it on my podcast. Thanks for the advice always appreciated!

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