Quote Of The Day #20

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74 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #20

  1. I totally believe in positive thoughts! It’s not just some hippie stuff, but it starts the good body chemistry flowing (as opposed to cortisol which contributes to so many health issues!) and helps set us up to notice the other good things in our lives, to be able to believe in a solution instead of brushing it aside and last but definitely not least, it helps us with our relationships, because it’s much easier to get along with each other when we’re cheerful instead of a wet blanket! 😊😊

    1. I so agree! It also helps change our long-term way of thinking and makes us more optimistic people by habit which is always a good thing in my opinion.

      1. Yup! My own life is a testament to that incredible power of the mind! I used to be very anxious and suffered with depression and lack of self worth. By slowly changing my Neural Pathways I was able to change all that around.

        No small undertaking for any of us, but so worth the results!!

  2. Hey Pooja. I love this quote. I keep a saying right beside my bed….today is a new day. go get it.–simple. quick. a reminder that no matter what happened yesterday I get another chance. “It” of course is anything I chose to make it. Thanks for the reminder. smart.

  3. Yep; always good to start the day right on a positive note. It’s a determinant for the day and/or week. Thanks for the reminder on a Monday morning. 😍

  4. Neat. For some reason, Scarlett O’Hara’s “Tomorrow is another day” popped into my head. From Gone With the Wind. Movie and book. About the Civil War. Fiction

      1. Make sure you have a lot of time…I think it’s like 3 hours 😀 Woman inveigles men….(from latest blog post word 🙂 …goes poorly for all involved…in middle of Civil War. Warning some racism very apparent.

        1. I see- I’ll make sure I have that much time. Glad you got a chance to use that word 😊 Yeah I expected racism- I’ve seen a few similar movies for some of my classes that were pretty obviously racist about certain things so I expect this to be similar.

    1. I agree with but we have to always try be positive…when unpromising days come stick to the hope and faith that carried you all this years

  5. ok I just erased that nagging voice in my head that said
    “You have to get up” and said ” You get to get up”
    Your quote is always a good idea!

  6. I wonder if the elephant man ever started his day off by looking In the mirror and thinking that his hair looked a mess

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