Sharing Some More Reels!

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As you probably know, Instagram recently introduced a reels to their platform and I have been really enjoying making them. They are basically short little videos and you can get really creative with them. I was always quiet shy in front of the camera so I’m kind of surprised that I’m having so much fun making reels but I guess people change lol.

I shared some two weeks or so ago and some of you really enjoyed them and asked if I could share reels more regularly so I decided to share some more of my favourite ones again. I know a lot of you guys follow my IG page which I am super grateful for but some of you guys may not use IG or may not want to follow me there since it’s so different from my blog. I thought this way you guys can still check out my reels if you like- WP is my biggest platform so I feel like it just makes more sense to share them here. Anyway, enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed those- they were a lot of fun to make!!

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29 thoughts on “Sharing Some More Reels!

  1. I just came across one of your reels in my scrolling – well done, it was great, different name so I hadn’t made the connection but now I have I will keep a lookout for more.

  2. I have recently followed you on your IG so din get the chance to see these, but omgggg could relate to most of them! Specially the movie book and the family gathering one :)) keep posting, they are amazing

  3. My fav time pass is watching trending reels. I can watch them practically all day. I loved your remix reel on the acting challenge on which I have seen thousands of versions.😂💖💝🙈🥺

  4. those were fun to watch; I liked the book/movie one, the eating at family functions (I do that at any social gathering), and thank you for finally revealing the truth ast to why your blog is so successful. I think I am halfway there – I’ve mastered the “I have no idea what I’m doing” part 🙂

  5. All I see is goth stuff now.

    You should start a reaction channel just because they always devolve into horror movies. It’s as bad as how music reaction channels always devolve into tool reaction channels.

    With that.. I’m into reaction videos where everyone is making them do Black from Pearl Jam.. that’ll be your 6 word stories song from now on. 🖤
    Just being stupid.. surprised you’re not getting copyright claims on those yet.

    1. Lol I need to go back to being all goth- I miss it so I guess it would be fun. I should totally start a reaction channel. That way I don’t need to come up with any original content just react to others peoples stuff.

      I’m waiting patiently for the copyright claims lol.

      1. It’s weird the “I’m going to kill you” face is the same as the “we’re making a baby” one.
        Pretty eyes… 👻
        I’m mildly obsessed with reaction channels because I can’t understand how it’s a thing and people make income from them. Some try to actually do educational stuff but they get hijacked by kind of cultish fans of stuff like tool or horror movie people.
        My hair is growing back like 60% solid white and I don’t know if I can do the goth thing.. but then again it may be exactly right. Life’s mysteries! I am, however, really into Mezzanine from Massive Attack right now so I’m half way there.

        1. I didn’t realise the faces were similar- I may have to make some awkward phone calls.

          I like reaction channels because they tell me what to think about stuff. Lol jk. My hair is starting to grey so only a few more emo/goth years left for me.

          1. If you do it right it’s the same face… (awkward silence)….
            I like reaction videos if it’s a movie I want to watch that I’ve seen before but don’t have the time to watch it again and the video quality/sound is good. Which means the reactor doesn’t matter at all.
            It seems like a self inflicted personal hell because they’d have to react to what gets the most traffic and there can’t be a genuine response. I can understand movies and tv shows but the music ones baffle me. However, I do like following channels waiting for the reaction video saying “I’m not doing any more Tool reactions, you people are crazy.”
            I’d have to be honest so I wouldn’t get influencer grab bags, and many followers because I’m even nitpicky with things I like. God forbid it’s something I DON’T like.
            My hair is technically transparent right now but there’s a decent chance it may stay white and not go back to its normal brown/black/light brown/blondish streak whatever it was. (It naturally changed colors for some reason).

            1. I like reaction videos for movies and occasionally music videos but it depends on who is reacting. If I find them annoying it ruins it for me.

              Lol did you see a ghost that made your hair turn white?

              1. It worked because I ended up getting Pearl Jam unplugged and Lateralus from Tool… lol.. it wasn’t because of reaction videos though. I’ve seen reaction videos of reaction videos, those are exciting.

                Sometimes an outside perspective can make you notice/pay attention to things you normally wouldn’t and some people have entertaining personalities where they’re just entertaining. It’s hard to tell, sometimes people are just walking advertisements. “Why are so many people reacting to a Pearl Jam thing from 1993 in 2020/21?” (Search) “oh, they actually released it last year…”
                I’m just kind of “so, you can just record yourself hanging out with friends, record and monetize it? 🤔neat?”
                No ghosts.. 😭 moving to 3rd messed up my thyroid and digestive track plus moving to 3rd in January working like 60 hours a week meant no sunlight for like 4-5 months.. so.. vampirism? lol 😝

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