Quote Of The Day #27

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41 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #27

  1. Parameters on what you are able to achieve is a paralysis of your evolution. That’s one of my thoughts/quotes that means you are free to explore as deep in the moment as you want. Stopping by the fear of the unknown is like holding your breath. You then lose your breath

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    1. I totally agree with that! I think when you hold your breath for things you’re just going to wait forever and you’ll actually end up missing what could have been the perfect timing. I’m one of those people who overthink everything which often means I miss out on a lot of opportunities and that’s one of the main things I’m working on. This year I’ve really been trying to go for it even if it scares me.

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      1. When I overthink I’ve now started writing my thoughts down. You can then go back to them and use them for anything you want. I’m putting mine in to songs. You also stop overthinking things and get yourself focused on the writing. It’s working out for me anyway. I hope that you can get some benefit from it too if you try it 👌

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