Quote Of The Day #30

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52 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #30

  1. Good. Those who do not make peace are ones that can tend to make people crazy to avoid having to deal with whatever created the lack of peace….which often is some mistake they perceive as unacceptable and they judge others based on fear of being found out and rejected. Does more harm than good in the end.

    1. I absolutely agree. Being around someone who is not at peace can really be difficult and like you said they tend to remove their lack of peace on everyone around them.

  2. Ooh, I like that! It’s so true! I find when I have been able to forgive people and be at peace with it, then I am a more peaceful person. (Even if I have to keep forgiving them over and over!!!)

  3. Simple and true.

    With no peace, someone gets miserable.

    And when someone is miserable — you know what they say

    “Misery loves company”.

  4. That’s so true. Inner turmoil can really wreak havoc on many aspects of our life, including the relationship with others. And a lot of time we can’t express that inner turmoil to others, but still it needs an outlet. Sometimes it just burst out in the most inconvenient moment and on people who have no idea what’s going on.

    1. Absolutely. In a lot of ways your relationship with yourself dictates your relationship with those around you. If you are not at peace nothing around you will be either.

  5. Very true. Whenever a loved one’s behavior is particularly bothersome to me, there’s usually something else going on in my life that I’m unhappy with and I’m projecting my own hang ups onto the person who I find irritating.

    1. Yup I’m the exact same way/ When there is something bothering me in my life I tend to get annoyed at everything around me. These days I’m very aware of this and try to look into myself and see what’s really bothering me.

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