Quote Of The Day #37

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41 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #37

  1. Nice quote, and it’s true. We all learn something from the pain and hurt that we go through in life. As we live we will learn. As we live we will go through hurt and pain, but thanks be to God that we do not look like the hurt and pain that we have been, and go through.

    1. Yup, it’s so hard to think about this when something bad is happening and you’re experiencing it but it’s also so true that often these bad things are important lessons.

      1. Right?! I learned so much from my troubles! I had been told that we choose our troubles before we come into this world because we know what we need to learn in order to grow! That was very difficult for me to think about!

        1. That makes so much sense- maybe we do choose our troubles. Yeah it’s hard to go back and think about the hard times but at least you grew as a person and are better now!

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