Quote Of The Day #42

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16 responses to “Quote Of The Day #42”

  1. Nice! and so true. Look forward not back. Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season Pooja and All the Best for 2022. Thanks so much for the support over the last year. So appreciated.

  2. That was so helpful!

  3. I love that! So many people living in the past! It does them no good!

  4. Amen to that. 🙌🏼

  5. Failure to understand my past undermines my future. Poet of the Light.

  6. The past is where it belongs, in the past. It has no place in the present, or the future. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Important reminder, I tend to dwell on the past, especially around this time of year, which is fine in moderation, but at the same time it, if we do not work on ourselves and carry ourselves into the future, then we are not going to grow. Hope that you had a good Christmas

  8. It’s good to know something needs me 🙂

  9. But everything I have done needs to be imortalized it is just so wonderful. But OK i will look to the great things i will do in the future. Ha Ha great stuff Pooja
    Laughter; A great gift for the holidays

  10. Nice quote and that’s so true dear.

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