Quote Of The Day #50

I hope you like the quote and I apologise for not posting weekly Tarot readings these days but to be honest I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Thanks for understanding!

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28 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #50

  1. This (or a similar one) helped me years ago shift from self-recrimination and feeling like God was punishing me by putting me through so many difficulties, into a mindset where I could see the good even in difficulties. The old mindset was repeated to me so often that I had internalized it, and used every difficulty as an opportunity to beat myself up and to speak harshly to myself!

    The shift in outlook is huge! It helps us take our power back to be able to find the strength to face those difficulties instead of feeling beaten down by them!

    Great reminder. Thanks!

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    1. Yeah I used to really be very harsh on myself too but after changing my mindset I’m a lot better about it. Instead of seeing struggles as a punishment we need to think of them as a way to grow and learn.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

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      1. That was such a huge mindshift for me! Once I began to see troubles similar to going to the gym to get stronger, but something for the spirit, it helped tremendously with not feeling like I was being punished! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Itโ€™s such an enormous shift in thinking!

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  2. I like how you understand yourself. I have confidence that you still see the blue skies – have a treat and let us know what you choose. A sweet drink almost like a dessert possibly?

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