Quote Of The Day #51

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23 responses to “Quote Of The Day #51”

  1. It’s a good quote, especially for anxious people like myself. I tend to avoid the things I am afraid of rather than be curious about the things I fear.

    1. I am one those people who avoids things that make me anxious too and everything makes me anxious so that’s not good at all. I used to avoid almost everything but over the last few years I went out of my way to step out of my comfort zone and it’s been an interesting experience.

  2. 😤 Facts. Thanks Pooja!

  3. A very inspiring quote, I am a bit anxious myself. I should be more adventurous.

    1. I am a very anxious person but I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone more. It’s really helped me have some wonderful experiences I may have otherwise missed.

      1. That’s entirely true, I should do it more often myself.

  4. So true! How often do we discover that something we feared was actually the showdowns of the thoughts we had created about it and not what was actually going on? When we don’t know the facts about something our brains fill in the gaps. If we’re fearful, we create all sorts of negative narratives, only to find out that the truth is often rather mundane!

    I definitely prefer to get to know the reality now than to live in fear of the shadows my mind can create!

    1. Yesss absolutely! Our brain is so powerful but sometimes it works against us if we let it. Especially when we don’t know certain things we end up becoming anxious about them and that’s why so many people hate change. However, it’s so much more beneficial to try rather than never do anything new and stay in your little box.

      1. Right! 💯 how often when we fear trying something new it’s actually because we lack the self confidence in ourselves to have the ability to learn it or to do it well?!

        1. Yes almost always that’s the issue!

  5. Depends on what it is. Some stuff is pretty hard to understand.

    1. Yeah but I still try not to fear things I don’t understand. I’ve lived in fear with anxiety about absolutely everything for way too long.

  6. Lovely quote

    1. Thank you so much.

  7. True quote. I need to get out of my comfort zone more. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day

    1. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day too.

  8. So true. Don’t live in fear. It is no fun.

    1. Yeah it’s a very sad existence when you live in fear.

  9. I concur. Great quote. Thank you for the reminder, Pooja.

    1. Thanks and glad to hear that.

  10. We always fear the unknown. Then once we know it, we realise it was not meant to be feared.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Once we face it we realise nothing is as scary as it seems.

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