Quote Of The Day #52

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Unfortunately, my dad isn’t feeling so well at the moment so please send some positive energy his way!

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92 responses to “Quote Of The Day #52”

  1. The quote for today is for the wise. Your dad shall jump back to health in Jesus’ name.

    1. Thank you so much 🙏

      1. You’re welcome 🥰🥰

  2. He is healed in the name of Jesus.

    1. Thank you 🙏

      1. You are welcome.

  3. Good, wise words Pooja. I said a prayer for your father. 🙏🏻

    1. Thanks so much! 🙏

  4. Sorry to hear about your father. Hope that things will be ok. Not sure about the listening to many thing. It can get to be tiring. Best wishes for your father’s health and you and your family.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes it can be exhausting sometimes. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Just as relevant today, as it was 400 years 😊

    1. Absolutely- being a good listener is truly a skill.

  6. Hope you dad feels better soon Pooja. Sending well wishes your way.

    1. Thank you so much- he’s a bit better now.

      1. Glad to hear that 🙂

  7. I hope your dad feels better soon. As for the quote, as an introvert I relate very well to this!

    1. Thanks so much!

  8. sending you and your dad a big hug and lots of love for a fast healing Pooja!! 💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏

    1. Thanks so much- very much appreciated 😊💕🥰

      1. You’re so welcome!! 💖💖

  9. Peace and blessings. I hope your dad has a speedy recovery, Pooja!

    1. Thank you so much!

      1. You’re most welcome!

  10. thinking of your him and your family❤️

    1. Thanks so much 🥰

  11. That’s very wise. I have always been a little puzzled that Polonius speak many lines of wisdom although he himself is so shrewd and opportunistic.

    1. Yes it is quite strange but sometimes people don’t say what they mean I guess.

  12. I hope your dad gets better soon… Wishing your family goodluck from India!

    I can somewhat relate to your situation as my mother is a widow.

    As always, stay positive Ms Pooja 🤞

    1. Thanks so much and he is feeling better now! 😊

  13. May Your Dad Recover fast. Blessing.

    1. Thanks so much.

  14. Sending all good vibes and wishes you and your dad’s way!

    1. Thanks so much- really appreciate it!

  15. I’m sorry for your dad. Sending some positive vibes and wishing you both to be well. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much- really appreciate that 🥰

  16. I hope that your Dad is okay. It sounds like a stressful time. Better days lay ahead. 🙏💕

    1. Thanks so much, he’s a bit better now 😄

  17. Today’s quote hit hard❤❤

    1. ❤❤❤

  18. So sorry for your father my lovely sis. Hope he gets well soon. Hugs

    1. Thanks. Really appreciate your kind works 💕

  19. Thinking of you Pooja, I hope your Dad gets better soon 🙂

    1. Thanks so much🙂

  20. I’m so sorry to hear about this, I wish him speedy recovery in Jesus name.

    1. Thank you so much 🙏

  21. I hope your Dad gets well soon Pooja 🙏🏼

    1. Thank you so much 😊🙏

  22. Sending your day healing mercies and angels…He will get well soon.

    1. Thank you so much. Truly appreciate that.

  23. I hope your dad gets well soon. Sending good vibes 💞

    1. Thanks so much, he’s a bit better now ☺💕

  24. He will be better soon, wish him good health. Nice quote

    1. Thanks so much I really appreciate that.

  25. All introverts: finally somebody who gets us. 🤣

    Sending healing wishes for your dad. ❤️

    1. Lol literally 🤣

      Thanks so much!

  26. Hoping your father recovers quickly!

    1. Thanks so much!

  27. Sending lots of love and prayers to your dad, you and the whole family! 💗

    Loving the quote.

    1. Thank you so much! Really appreciate that 💖

  28. I pray for your dad’s speedy recovery ❤

    1. Thank you so much ☺

      1. 👍👍

  29. Great quote, more should heed its advice. Hope your dad will feel better soon.

    1. Thanks so much.

  30. Hope your dad is feeling better!

    1. He’s a little better thanks!

  31. I wish your father a speedy recovery 🙂
    I am following you ig, but I didn’t know about LinkedIn. I will definitely check that out.
    Best wishes, remember to smile

    1. Thanks so much and I appreciate that. 😀

  32. Sorry to hear that. I hope your father gets well soon. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much. He is a bit better now.

  33. Hope your dad feels better soon! Shakespeare is the best.

    1. Thank you! He’s better now.

      1. Good to hear!

  34. Good, just a relevant today, sending well wishes for you 😊

    1. Thanks so much ☺

  35. Get well soon Sir ! Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙏

    1. He’s better thanks!

  36. Good 👍🏻💖

    1. Thanks 😊

  37. Get well soon ☺️

  38. Sending best wishes to your Dad!

    1. Thank you!

  39. Great quote and prayers to your father.

    1. Thanks- he’s better now.

  40. Today quote are best 💖👍🏻

    1. Thanks so much ☺

  41. Omg 😱 how is your dad doing now? I just read this post. Let me know. Love the quote. Hope your dad is feeling better!

    1. He’s doing lots better thanks!

  42. Hope your dad is ok, Pooja!

    1. He’s much better now, thanks!

      1. <3 Glad to hear it!

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