Quote Of The Day #54

Quote Of The Day

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40 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #54

  1. خدا حفظت کنه پوجا May God take care of you Pooja

    Thanks for wonderful words of wisdom

  2. I feel like this requires a caveat that adding value and sharpening skills can also include rest. There’s a culture of burnout in society where constant productivity is seen as a virtue. The days are already valuable and there’s no such thing as a wasted day.

    1. You’re absolutely right. A lot of times people end up overworking themselves since society positively rewards this. Sometimes doing nothing or relaxing can add a lot of value to your life.

      1. Same here.

        I’m trying to form a comic series through my Instagram illustrations.

        I can prepare the concepts, but the drawing part is hard.

        I would be simplifying the drawing process.

        Can’t post much because of study work.

        1. Yeah I’ve seen some of those and really like them. I’m sure they’re time consuming as well so it makes sense you can’t make them too often.

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