Quote Of The Day #56

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40 responses to “Quote Of The Day #56”

  1. so true!! 💖

    1. Thanks 💕💖

  2. Words hurts more than stone.
    A great share Pooja.
    Best wishes

    1. Yes, words can be so hurtful and the pain can last a lifetime. Thank you.

      1. You always share good stuff.
        Keep shining Pooja ⭐

        1. Thanks and keep shining too.

  3. Perfect


    1. Thank you

  4. Absolutely true!

    1. Glad you agree!

  5. So true. It’s better to think twice before saying anything.

    1. Yes, exactly. Words have a lot of power.

  6. True. Words, once spoken, cannot be unsaid.
    Thank you for the reminder, Pooja.

    1. Yes and some words stick with people forever even when we don’t mean for them to. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. I’ve been missing reading your posts 💗 (and some others, too). Unfortunately, the time and energy to do so are still limited on my end.

        1. I’ve missed your comments too but don’t worry I totally understand. Just focus on recovering for now ❤️

          1. Hi Pooja – I’m sorry I have not liked or replied to this comment, yet. Somehow it slipped through the notifications.

            Just to let you know I’m not ignoring you or anyone else and I’m still here. 🙂

            1. That’s totally okay, it happens. Hope everything is well with you 🙂

  7. True. Words can be destructive.

    1. Yes, they truly can be.

  8. Truth!!!!!!!

    1. Glad you agree!!

  9. Yes the power of life and death lies in the tongue

    1. I couldn’t agree more.

  10. … it’s my fault isn’t it?

    1. Yes. 😂

  11. This is the truth.

    Good share!

    1. Glad you agree!

  12. 💯 💯

  13. Hmm, so true
    One need to be careful what one says.👍

    1. Yes, absolutely 💯

  14. Yes, the tongue can start a fierce war. And sometimes we say things absentmindedly and hurt people unwittingly. That’s why it is so important to watch what we say to others and to treat other people with care and respect. In addition, having lived in a diverse town, it is really important to explain things as thoroughly as possible so that people do not have misunderstandings. It demands patience and humility…

    1. You’re absolutely right. I think we say more awful things by mistake then on purpose because it’s not a big deal to us but it may hurt someone who we say it to.
      Misunderstandings are very common so it’s good to be thorough and always clear any doubts.

  15. Nice Post

    1. Thanks so much.

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