I like that you're broken
In the same places as me
Now I have someone
To fall apart with.

This song has been stuck in my head for some reason and that’s what inspired this poem:

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49 thoughts on “Broken

    1. Yeah we need to be open about our flaws and vulnerabilities especially in relationships. Something I rarely do but should lol.

    1. Yeah it’s so true. I think we’re all broken in one way or the other and when we see someone else who is the same way we feel comforted knowing we aren’t alone.

  1. I’m sorry your wine glasses
    are broken, sorry that
    kissing you in the shower
    and jumping on your bed
    doesn’t bring a breakthrough
    because we don’t talk much
    like shy kids who can’t
    seem to grow up
    except for
    you know what
    and we don’t need babies
    except for ourselves,
    so baby, talk to me
    like a librarian in
    the romance section
    with an index of love, and
    read me a lullaby and
    I’ll rock you to sleep

      1. Thanks. In movies and music, love doesn’t seem to be portrayed in any actual detail. It seems like all superficial looks and innuendo. It’s hard to see what love would be just from listening or watching a movie. But anyway, somehow music generates emotional reactions as does movies. I suppose it connects to a related inner experience.

  2. We have a saying in our country:’misery shared is misery halved.’ Excuse me for the rough translation. But if you have somebody to share your pain with it lessens a bit. I loved that in your poem. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

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