An Ode To The Person I Was

So full of hope

For a brighter future

And yet so filled with darkness

Because of the present

I am happy

To have left the darkness behind

But I really wish

I had kept the hope

I hope you enjoyed todays poem “An Ode To The Person I Was”. I was doing a bit of cleaning and came across some old diaries of mine. I definitely don’t miss the anger and darkness I was filled with when I was younger but the diaries also reminded me of how optimistic I was and I miss that.

I know things change as you grow up but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t. When you’re a young kid you’re so full of hope and so ready to believe things will work out the way you want them to. Unfortunately, as we age reality tends to take away much of that optimism. We learn that the world is more difficult than we realised and getting what we want is not always possible.

It’s not all bad though. Growing up has its advantages. It comes with its own adventures.

This picture is from about 5 years ago! It hasn’t been that long but I’m still surprised by how different I look now. I took this picture just a few months before I left for Canada for the first time. Time really does fly. Thankfully, I know my angles a little better lol.

What did you guys think of An Ode To The Person I Was? Do you find yourself becoming more realistic and less optimistic over the years? How do you stay optimistic as you get older? Let me know in the comments below.

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