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Where do I even begin? I genuinely can’t believe this blog is still growing. When I started out I had zero WordPress followers and it took me ages to get my first one. I even remember who my first follower was. Isn’t it crazy how time flies. I don’t generally care too much about number. As long as I am enjoying blogging and my audience is enjoying what I put out, I’m satisfied. But I do like celebrating milestones. And 25k WordPress followers is quite a big milestone.

I want to thank who has been part of this blogging journey with me. Whether you’ve been following me from the very start or if you just started following me. Thank you. I wouldn’t be here without you. If it wasn’t for this amazing community we have built here, I would have quit WordPress a long time ago. I know this sounds crazy, but my Lifesfinewhiners have become like my friends/family. In fact, I actually tell you guys more personal stuff than anyone (except probably my besties lol).

Thank you for choosing to follow this blog. And for those of you who like and comment, thank you for interacting. I can’t emphasise how much that means to me. Especially the comments. People ask me why I keep replying even with such a big blog. I get so many comments daily but still always reply because that’s genuinely my favourite part of blogging. I just genuinely love interacting with you guys and always learn something new, get a good laugh or just have a nice conversation.

So again, thank you!

Illustrated gif. Against a light blue background, a bunch of bananas with faces jump up and down happily, looking at another banana, which is lying on the ground and has been peeled, but is smiling nonetheless. Text, "thanks a bunch!"

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156 thoughts on “25k+ WordPress Followers

  1. Congratulations on the 25K following. That is a huge achievement in my book. But the posts that you write are very good and helpful for most people so I can understand why you now have so many followers. Being a writer myself, knowing that you have people interested in what you write is always a joy. I get excited every time I receive a new follower. Keep up the great work Pooj.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, that’s one of the best parts of it. Knowing that people want to read what you write. It really is nice every time you get a follower, even still I feel that way.

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