Six Word Story #140

Six Word Story #140

You cozened me into loving you. Today's Word: Cozen 1: to deceive, win over, or induce to do something by artful coaxing and wheedling or shrewd trickery 2: to gain by cozening someone More about the word. Don't forget to leave your six word reply in the comments because I always love reading them or simply stop by and [...]

Six Word Story #139

Six Word Story #139

Lolling all day. Best day ever. Today's Word: Lolling/Loll 1. as in sagging, drooping 2. as in lounging, dallying 3. to be limp from lack of water or vigor More about the word. Don't forget to leave your six word reply in the comments because I always love reading them or simply stop by and say hi! If you [...]

Bibimbap Recipe



“Bibimbap simply translates to “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables“.”- Sue from mykoreankitchen
Bibimbap is probably my go-to when it comes to an easy home cooked meal. I love that it’s super easy to make, delicious and also really healthy because it has so many veggies. I make it vegan of course so it pretty much just has vegetables and rice which I think is really healthy.
I also really love Korean food because the flavours are just so perfect for me. I like spicy, sour and savoury food and Korean food is usually the perfect mix of this. It’s honestly so delicious I literally can’t stop eating it.
I also want to specify that I don’t make it the traditional way which is a lot more time consuming. I usually make bibimbap when I’m in a hurry so I make it in a quick, kind…

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How To Increase Traffic Via Links


Using Links To Increase Your Traffic

Using links is a great way to increase your traffic and to refer readers to other pages in your blog. If used well links can quickly generate more traffic to your page and can help you build a loyal audience. This can help change your readers from one time reader to loyal readers. Links are also a great way to get more traffic from places outside of WordPress and will help expand your audience. The following are ways through which you can use links to help increase traffic to your blog. 


Backlinks are the perfect way to diversify your audience and get traffic/readers from other sites. Backlinks are also great for SEO purposes and help increase your SEO. Backlinks are basically when someone adds a link to your blog on their page/site/social media/etc. That way their audience is referred back to your…

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A Sunrise To Remember

I just wanted to share this beautiful sunrise I saw with you guys. It was so breathtaking in real life and I wish I could have captured that but this is the best I could do. After a stressful couple of days this felt like a beacon. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoyed [...]

Six Word Story #138

Six Word Story #138

Your loving words left a vestige Today's Word: Vestige 1a(1): a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something (such as an ancient city or a condition or practice) vanished or lost (2): the smallest quantity or trace 2: a bodily part or organ that is small and degenerate or imperfectly developed in comparison to one more fully [...]

Guess Who’s Back!

Nope it's not the real slim shady- it's still just me. But I am back from my mini-break. I'm going to keep the comments turned off on this post since I need to do some catching up but from tomorrow lifesfinewhine will be back to normal. I want to thank everyone who left comments and [...]


I'm still busy but didn't want to lose my posting streak so I decided to post this lol. Hope you guys are having a lovely autumn so far. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Enjoyed this post? Then follow me on social media: Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn HubPages Email me on(guest posts [...]