Lichen Poem: Grow |By Caden738

Grow By Caden738 It takes time for things to grow Whether a Plant, or skills of the Bow It takes time for a sprout to sprout another sprout anew And time before a bow can be shot to strike a single morning's drop of dew Many bad weather, and arrow will be in your way [...]

Lichen Poem: Eversilence (Guest Posts)

By Caden738 Eversilence, not a town Eversilence, not a dream Eversilence, not what it may seem - It has not legs, and fingers It has not buildings, and towers It has not tree's, and wildflowers - What is it Not earth, universe, nor dimension Not a man-made invention - It may help, it may listen [...]

Lichen Poem: Jealous Man (Guest Post)

by Caden738 In this mortal plain It doesn't matter what I win, or gain There is this man Who treats me like trash - I've accomplished so much more Yet he acts as if he's rich Lying about house's on the shore Calling my success a universal glitch - He thinks all the women want him [...]

Lichen Poem: Hedgehogs(Guest Post)

By caden738 Hedgehogs in the grass Hedgehogs in the sticks Hedgehogs burrowed under the overpass Baby Hedgehogs with their little quivers, & pricks - You grow the love them more Love multiplying as the days go by Then as love tightens the pricks feel softer than before As you hold them sitting in the grass [...]

Lichen Poem: A Brother Lost (Guest Post)

By caden738 Once so close A bond of two boys A relationship one could not bowse Brothers - Then it did separate As the world is that way That's just fate Strangers ———————————————————————————————————————— For more from the author check out his blog and Twitter. This writer is currently looking for work, as a freelance poetry [...]

Lichen Poem: “Nature’s Headrest” (Guest Poem)

by Caden738 I lay in the woods Resting my head on a log Dreaming in the fog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more from Caden click here. This writer is currently looking for work, as a freelance poetry writer, or content writer- if you are interested in working with him please contact him at For more guest [...]