English Dialects

Over the last few weeks I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating on this post. We had a lot of fun discussing our thoughts and experiences concerning English dialects. I would love it if you guys took a minute to check out the post using the link below:


My Favourite Vegan Brands: Arbonne

Again this is another one of those brands that I had heard about but I didn’t know much about till just some time ago. As usual I was going through vegan makeup posts on Instagram and I ended up seeing a lot of posts about Arbonne which obviously made me a little curious!

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Turns out they are vegan, cruelty-free , non-GMO, Kosher and gluten free. They are not crazy expensive but they are on the expensive side so if you’re looking for super affordable makeup this is not for you but if you don’t mind the price and want really good quality makeup then I suggest taking a look at their site!

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I really like that they are free of a lot of other things too because most makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free aren’t always free of other things and not everyone can use them!

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They ship to the US, UK, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan. They use pure, safe and beneficial products which are said to help your skin stay healthy. I would especially recommend this brand if you have really sensitive skin because I do and sometimes some brands don’t work well with my skin and I end up having breakouts.

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