It’s Finally Back!!

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Yesterday I made a post about the changes on WP and I noticed that a lot of you have noticed the changes and some of you are not really enjoying them either. I don’t particularly have a lot of issues with the changes but the one things I really hated was that the classic editor was no longer an option for creating your posts. I had been using this editor since day one and it’s not as advanced as the block editor but it’s super easy to use and I am very used to it.

I think what annoys me about the situation that A LOT of you also pointed out is that they keep fixing things that don’t need fixing. It’s particularly annoying because as someone who has been on WP for years now I can think of quite a few things that do need fixing. Anyway, I was busy complaining and being all sad about the change but one fellow blogger left a wonderful comment about how I can change some settings and continue using the classic editor and guess what?? It worked!! I am so happy and thankful to be able to continue using this editor and I wanted to share this comment with you guys because a number of people in the comments also said they were sad they could no longer use the classic editor and I though this way you guys can continue using it too if you want to. Thanks again to Barb! This is why I love the WP community- we’re always here for one another and everyone is super kind and helpful. Do go check out her wonderful blog by clicking here.

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32 responses to “It’s Finally Back!!”

  1. I’m glad you got the Classic editor back, Pooja. As I mentioned, I still have the classic editor via a plugin. I think I’ll have a chat with one of those WP happiness engin eers on this. It’s possible to chat with them…

    1. I’m glad you are able to continue use it too! The Happiness Engineers are quite nice but also quite useless with most things so I wish you good luck with that but don’t expect too much from them.

  2. Hey please can we be friends there’s a lot I wanna learn from you …

      1. Wow thanks 🙏🏻

      2. Please do you use WhatsApp can we exchange contacts??

        1. No I don’t but feel free to email me via the contact at the bottom of the post.

  3. Wonderful post. Thank you. Yes, WP is changing things that do not need to be changed while leave a lot of necessary features in plug-in which cannot be installed without a business account.

    1. Thanks. Yeah my assumption is that they are trying to force people into using the Business Plan or higher because that will make them more income however many bloggers can’t afford to do that which is why I wanted to share this post/comment and help people keep the editor for free.

  4. OH great! let me check it out and see if my world is right again.

    1. Hope it works!!

      1. Yes it worked!!!!🙌🏾

  5. Maybe they seeing how much people REALLY want to use classic editor before finally finally this time no going back removing it. A company that has ‘happiness engineers’ does not deserve to be taken seriously in the slightest.

    1. This abuse of the word ‘engineer’ has got to stop.

    2. Right??? The Happiness Engineers are lovely but super unhelpful. I have talked to some that know less about WP than I do.

      1. Hahahahaha 🤣. To be (slightly) fair, I’ve said the same about doctors/psychiatrists. Your experience is exactly what I would expect though given the ridiculous job title lol.

        There’s some serious mismanagement going on at wordpress, that’s obvious. It’s become a bloated, typical slow-moving corporate machine more than a good service, existing to make money for its shareholders. It’s currently riding on the back of reputation and popularity, but I’m hoping a newer platform replaces it and becomes popular. That’s a problem with social platforms isn’t it— it’s really really hard for new ones to take hold because their whole usefulness depends on how many users they have in the first place. So people stick with ones they hate, like facebook and wordpress. The amount of criticisms I’ve heard about wordpess has been endless— both from the point of view of developers AND end-users! It’s crazy lol.

  6. I’m so glad this worked for you!
    There must be people (other than those trying to justify their WP paychecks) who like the block editor. I’ve just never met one. Personally I’ve been using the Classic editor for about a decade now, so perhaps I’m just an old dog uninterested in new tricks. But I’ll hang onto what’s familiar and working well for as long as WP will let me. If only they would stop fixing what isn’t broke, I’d be one happy blogger.
    And back atcha for the blog shout-out. I’ve really been enjoying your blog!

  7. Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of advice.

  8. Tbh I have been using the block editor because I never had a classic editor thing. Now I could access it. Classic one is just more user friendly and saves a bit of time.

  9. Oh that’s amazing!! I love using the classic editor. What is the point of ‘happiness engineers’ when they do not make people happy lol.

  10. It’s interesting because I’ve used the classic editor in the past but I generally prefer the new editor over classic. I like the fact you can build repeatable blocks, edit those blocks easily, and the flow seems to be better. I understand why some people don’t like it, and it’s all personal preferance.

  11. Thanks so much Barbaub, for exploring and discovering the solution to this problem! Thanks a lot Pooja G, for sharing your find with all other harried bloggers!

  12. This is really helpful for me too. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  13. Glad it worked out.

  14. that was quite helpful!

  15. Glad you got it back! I’m going to change my settings too. Thanks for sharing 😊

  16. Am glad it’s back… and you shared how. Thank you.

  17. Thank you so much for this post! It was extremely helpful. I really struggle with Block Editor!

  18. Glad you got the classic editor back! This actually happened a few months ago and I had spoken to support and they said I can no longer use the classic (no help at all). I ended up fining out on my own to get it back. I cannot STAND the block editor 🤬

    1. I hate the block editor too- it’s so complicated and difficult to use. I feel like the support knows less about WP then we do lol! Whenever I have an issue I always write a post about it and other bloggers help me out because that’s pretty much the only way to do anything here anymore…

      1. Thats the smarter way to handle things 😂

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