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Makeup has always been something I was interested in. Even as a child I remember wearing my mum’s makeup and trying out new products on my face… and sometimes on the dolls… I was awful at it but luckily as I grew up I got better.

Over the recent years I have really enjoyed trying new products, learning new makeup techniques and more. As a teenager, I grew very interested in makeup videos that I would watch on YouTube. And this sparked my interest in makeup. I always loved it but that is when I learnt to improve my skills and techniques. I learnt what products would be best for my skin type. What looks best on a woman of colour such as myself.

When I went to university, I got even more interested in everything to do with beauty and skincare. I began trying out new products. Both affordable drugstore products and more high end luxury products. And since I was trying out these products anyway and experimenting with my looks, I thought it would be fun to share that journey on my blog too. I share posts about both Canadian or American products as well as Kenyan ones.

The makeup/skincare posts on this blog largely consist of reviews of both top products as well as more affordable products. I also talk about affordable cruelty free products, affordable vegan products and more. If that is something you are interested in reading about, feel free to browse through my beauty and skincare posts by clicking the link below. You can also see more makeup posts on my Instagram page. 

Disclaimer: All products I mention are cruelty free.

For posts about makeup click here. 

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