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I’ve loved poetry since I was really young. However, for some reason I gave up on writing poetry for quite a few years. When I started blogging I fell back in love with poetry and ended up writing poetry again and I’m really glad I did because it’s been an amazing way for me to express myself. I have mentioned on a few of my pages that blogging inspired me to write about things I never would have otherwise. And that is exactly how I feel about writing poems again.

Thanks to the WordPress community, I was able to meet so many amazing poets on this platform. That is largely what inspired me to start writing my own poems and sharing them on this blog. And of course, it was the encouragement I received from all the amazing bloggers that read my content. That really encouraged me to share more poems.

Unlike some of the categories on my site, this category is one that has existed since almost the beginning of my blogging journey. I started sharing my poems quite early on and it helped me so much with my mental health too. My poems always help me express myself better and share my thoughts in a more controlled way. They also help me make sense of what I am feeling. Although not all my poems are based on my experiences or what I am currently feeling, many are.

I share a poem at least once a week at the moment. That may change at some point but that is where I am at right now. If you’re interested in browsing through my poems feel free to do so using the link I have provided below.

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