Caged like a bird

You kept me beside you

For your amusement

For your pleasure

In the cage I patiently waited

Until I could no longer

I thought you would finally set me free

When you saw my misery
But you simply bought me a bigger cage

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70 thoughts on “Caged

  1. You are a complete blogger. The variety of your work shows how versatile you are. And, how comfortable you are in various genres. Kudos.
    I really love this poem. This poem shows that, how deep your knowledge is. You are not just a content creator, but, also writer, poet and artist. Keep sharing.

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  2. Charles Dickens once said that we forge the chains we wear in life. Some of those chains are bought with our decisions, with delivery and installation included in the purchase.

    If we wait for others to liberate us, it might never come. Our freedom lies in our own hands and in our own thinking.

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  3. I love a poem that calls you to read it more than once. Well done, Pooja!
    Similar to comments from others, for me, the “You” is my ego and the cage is my fear and greed. Thank you for this provocative reminder.

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  4. Sometimes it can be hard to leave a comfortable place, especially if you have been there for a while. We have to make the first move if we want to come out of the cage we are in. The world is a big place, and it can be frightening at times, but if we never make that first step to set ourselves free, we will always be in that one place and never know the freedom of being free. Thank you for sharing. Nice poem. Have a great week.

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