Today- Poetry

Today I went to class

And sat in the corner

And pretended I was invisible

I hoped no one would see me

Or try to approach me

Today I went to school

And learnt about things

I don’t care about

Things I won’t remember

Things that will never help me in life

Today I walked around on the street

And looked at everyone

They all had the same look on their faces

The haunted look of conditioned minds

Made to do the same thing again and the again

Today I went home

And tried to speak my mind

But no one listened

You’re just a child, they replied

You’re too young to understand

Today I just realized

I don’t want to be here anymore

“Today” is a poem about what it’s like to be a teenager. No longer a child but not quite an adult. It deals with what it feels like to always be left out. To feel like you don’t belong anywhere. It’s difficult growing up at a time where uniformity is so widely accepted and rewarded.

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5 thoughts on “Today- Poetry

  1. Lovely! Definitely the true words.. Everything begins with a moment of realization.. 🙂

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