One Of Them- Poetry

The world is a cruel place

It mocks us and sneers

As we all quickly change

Into conditioned robots

You say something

But it is not your voice

It is years of conditioning talking

Years of being told what to do

How to think

What to feel

How to love

If you try to break free

They just pull you back

They want to keep you chained

To social norms

They’ll never let you leave

Slowly but surely

You’ll turn into one of them

They’ll make you

One of them

Until your eyes become just as clouded as theirs

And your individuality no longer exists

“One Of Them” is a poem that I wrote about uniformity and conformity. Constantly, we see society reward these while negatively punishing anyone who does not follow norms. It is as though anything seen as different is frowned upon. Even though norms are ridiculous especially since we are all different. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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