Pain isn’t the most painful thing

The human body is capable of feeling

In my experience

Feeling nothing at all

Has proven to be much worse

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29 thoughts on “Pain

      1. However…pain is our own suffering manifested, yes? If is felt without need to hold on…no struggle. It is like a weakness fading over time…as one sees it as an opportunity to grow. Like a seed pushing through soil to reach sunlight it naturally needs.

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          1. Either way…it leads to more. Stronger or broken, this is not a reflection of our true selves. Who becomes stronger? Who is broken? Why? At every moment, a choice is there to become more…love more…by letting go.

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  1. Feeling nothing at all is the reason why we have so many problems in our society.
    Apathy is rampant; and empathy is dwindling. It is sad, but maybe spreading positivity and thoughtfulness one person at a time, we can change things.

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  2. As someone who experiences chronic pain, but also in the past has experienced the feeling of “nothingness”. I’d say it’s hard to compare the two. For different people each experience may be different or harder on the person. When my chronic pain gets bad enough I get so discouraged that not only does it effect my physical health, but it effects my emotional health, where I wish I felt nothing at all. And knowing that past time in my life of feeling nothing at all, I know it’s no picnic, no joys, no nothing…but I knew I recovered from that time, so I felt there was hope if I felt nothing. I know a lot of people who feel nothing, feel no hope. Everyone is different, everyone’s suffering is different, but there is always hope, regardless if we can feel it at the present time, hope is always there. Hope to find better times, hope to find a cure from our suffering…it’s there…waiting.

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    1. Yes both feeling pain and feeling nothing are equally difficult. I really do hope you find escape from your pain and suffering because no one deserves to be in pain. Yeah the cure is out there we just need to find it. And thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

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  3. I agree… feeling nothing is the worst pain there is. Feeling nothing is like death…if you feel sadness at least you feel emotion. The lack of emotions and nothingness feels like you don’t exist… like a death without actually dying… I love your post and can relate to it and agree with you!!! Thank you for your words. Hugs and blessings. <3. Sue

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    1. Yes absolutely. I can be very shut off emotionally and feeling nothing really feels horrible. You feel dead even though you’re alive and you just pass time for the sake of it. It feels like you’re slowly drowning.
      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoy my posts and lots of hugs to you too!! 💖

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        1. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. When I read about other people with similar problems going through something similar it’s comforting. It sucks but it’s nice to know someone else understands what you’re going through.

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