Lifesfinewhine Is Officially On Instagram!

So I finally decided to join Instagram! To check out my profile click here.

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I decided to join because firstly I wanted to share my blog posts on it and secondly I thought it would be fun to share a bit more of my life and what I’m doing because as much as I try to share on my blog I can’t really share everything I do every 20 seconds because that would be weird and slightly annoying but totally normal on Instagram! 😂

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I also wanted to sort of make more memories and I thought this would give me more incentive to go out more often and also try new things. It also help me kind of document my life and this way I have pictures/videos to look back at and remember stuff and smile!

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I am also planning on sharing vegan and vegetarian recipes as well as some posts about makeup (like tips and my favourite brands) because I feel like Instagram would be better for that then my blog.

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This is probably what my Insta is going to consist of… 😂

So if you want to get more of an insight into my life and just what it’s like for me day to day as well as vegan/vegetarian recipes or stuff about makeup make sure to follow me and feel free to DM me whenever!

To see my profile click here.

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22 thoughts on “Lifesfinewhine Is Officially On Instagram!

        1. Oh that’s my old account, the new one is different try the link now it works and I’ve followed you on that it’s called herbivoreonajourney

        1. Hahahaha omg you get them as well?!? Lol are they hitting on every girl in the universe wow. Lol they are so despo it’s hilarious cos honestly so not interested!

          1. Yes, same here. I normally don’t reply or will say a quick thank you and not respect again! They even found me on Facebook, some of them, it’s really weird.

            1. Yeah they are very stalker-ish and find you everywhere and keep asking for your number and stuff. It’s very uncomfortable and just pretty creepy.

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