Six Word Story #18

Six Word Story:

Please keep your distance from me.

About This Six Word Story:

Today, I decided to share another six word story. As I mentioned in my last six word story post, I’m really enjoying creating and sharing these. And they may just become a weekly thing now until the foreseeable future. Or at least I run out of ideas for six word stories lol.

So what is this particular story about? Well, it was inspired by people getting too close to me and getting into my personal space. As someone with anxiety, I don’t like getting too close to people. Both physically and in general. I have a small group of friends I’m close to and that is more than enough to keep me happy. But as most anxious introverts have experienced, there will always be people trying to invade your personal space and walk all over your boundaries. And this story is inspired by such an instance.

I think I’m someone who really values my personal space and my “me time.” So I get annoyed when someone tries to take that away from me. And some people don’t get the importance of people having their own space and “me time” which is how arguments arise. And sometimes it’s because others don’t respect you enough and end up trying to break your boundaries.

Have you guys ever experienced someone getting too close to you even when you were uncomfortable with it? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to leave your own six word story!

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27 thoughts on “Six Word Story #18

  1. That’s awesome. There’s a woman I feel that way about, yet it has taken me years to politely get a distance I am comfortable with (which reminds me of something else you posted about not getting the hint!).

    I bet not too many people realize that women can stalk men too.

    1. Yeah I guess a lot of people usually assume that the male is the stalker but of course women can be the ones stalking someone too.

  2. I’m sure that’s not where you were going with this story but the first thing that popped in my head after reading this – Your breath is disgusting, dear husband. LOL

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