Omg- Something Exciting!

Something Exciting- Original People Vinyl Stickers

So I have been waiting for forever to share something exciting with you guys and it finally arrived so I’m so I get  to finally share it with you! As you guys know I love anything cute especially in the form of a sticker so when I heard about Original People I knew I had to get in on this!

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I had been having a tough week anxiety wise since I have so many assignments due and I had a test so this was the perfect treat yo self gift which literally arrived the day I was finally done with my test and assignments- coincidence much!!

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Orginal People is this awesome website that makes vinyl stickers. It only takes three steps to customize your own vinyl sticker- mine literally just took like five minutes to make! And you can add people, animals, symbols and more. You can customize the figures and pick their height, weight, hairstyle, and clothing. You can either get it in black or white so I chose black. This is what I ended up designing and it took about a week to arrive.

Something exciting- the Original People sticker I ordered.

I thought it was really cool how they had inclusive clothing such as Indian clothes- they had other traditional outfits for other cultures too! They also had inclusive body shapes and sizes which is always awesome. I decided to get a family sticker because I thought it would be the cutest present to take back home and my parents could stick it on their car! However, you can pretty much stick the stickers anywhere not just on your car like on your laptop, mirror, cupboard, notebooks, door etc. I’m thinking about getting another one to stick on my laptop and one for my front door. Oh and they also offer gift cards!

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Discount Code:

I was able to get you guys 15 off on your first order! So if you’re interested in getting something exciting- your own vinyl stickers- be sure to use the code UKVIP for 15 off at!

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You can check out OriginalPeople by clicking here.

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28 thoughts on “Omg- Something Exciting!

  1. Aw hope you feel better – I’ve been experiencing bad anxiety over end of semester exams, too. We can make it though!!

    This is such a cute idea for a company – I love how the brand is inclusive of different cultures and body types. I’ll need to check this out since I’m always looking for stickers to add to my laptop.

    1. Yeah the end of the semester is always difficult but we can so do this!

      They have the most adorable stickers you should definitely check them out!

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