Favourite Courses I’ve Taken So Far

American history- I have taken four American history courses so far and I’ve really enjoyed all of them. I think my favourites so far have been the History of American Popular Culture and American History 1865- present. I don’t think American History is particularly more interesting because I genuinely think all history is really interesting no matter what country it’s about but what really makes me interested in American History is that I’ve never done it before. I had never learnt any American history before so I find it new and exciting compared to some other courses which I kind of already know a bit about.

Country Music– So this is a random elective course I took that I ended up absolutely loving! My professor is really witty and interesting which makes a course that could have been kind of lame super interesting. I have always liked country music but I never though I would learn about it. However, I’m glad I did because turns out there’s a lot to learn! I was also introduced to so many new (technically very old just new to me because I hadn’t heard them before) country songs. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on my favourite country songs I’ve learnt about so far!

Introduction To Sociology- This was the first ever sociology course I took in my first year and honestly it was life changing. It was so eye opening to see the world the way that sociologists do and it really put certain things into place for me. If you are picking your courses for university I would highly recommend taking a Sociology or Women and Gender Studies course at some point.

African History- I took two African History courses so far and I really enjoyed both of them. They were both taught by the same professor who was super nice and a very good professor. I learnt so much about Africa that I am ashamed to say I didn’t know before even though I was born and raised there. I absolutely loved learning about African history and hope to learn more.

Women And Gender Studies- This is the only WGST class I’ve taken and it was really great. Although as a feminist and woman of colour I already knew a lot of what we learnt it was nice to learn about it in more detail as well as discuss it with other like minded people.

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40 thoughts on “Favourite Courses I’ve Taken So Far

  1. I loathe American history and funny enough you hit the reason on the nose in your post. You’ve never learned anything about it until these classes whereas I’ve been endlessly bombarded with it throughout my whole education! You start to get the impression that the United States is the only country on the planet in high school. Even our World History classes were about how the world related to America (basically 4 years of studying World War 2).

    I’m a big fan of sociology classes too, though, and would probably love African History and a Women’s Studies class if my college offered those. Like you, I love all history… and African history is probably the least taught in the US. It’s so under-provided that a depressing number of Americans believe that Africa is a country.

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    1. Yeah I can understand how you feel with American History being shoved in your face through high school. I tend to not take courses I’ve learnt about in high school too.

      That’s really sad I can’t believe people would even think Africa is a country that’s so irrational. It’s also sad that when African history is taught it’s usually just stereotypes. I think that’s why I enjoyed the African history courses they weren’t just stereotypes like we actually learned a lot about African history.

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      1. You’re right about the way African history is taught here; I didn’t bring it up because it’s obviously a sensitive subject but basically what we’re taught is that there was a continent of savages and then Europe moved in and civilized them. Obviously untrue and African history is extremely diverse and fascinating, just as Native American history is. The only African civilization that gets more than a passing paragraph in World History textbooks is Egypt. As far as history class is concerned, the rest of the continent didn’t exist until the slave trade.

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      2. Yeah that’s what I hate- like why is the only African history taught the history that involves white people. Like yes slavery was a big deal and should definitely be taught but there is so much more to learn about than just that.

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      3. Exactly and much like with native Americans, once you actually study the history you realize they were just as advanced as Europe, it was just applied differently.

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      4. I was reading something recently about how using LIDAR, archaeologists are discovering that the Amazon is literally covered in ancient cities and roadways, we just never saw them because the jungle grew over it all.

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  2. Never heard of a country music course. Then again it’s no different than taking a jazz class. I loved sociology too. Glad you are enjoying all your classes

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  3. In Canada? learning American History? Yeah probably a bit more exciting than Canadian History ’cause the Canadians embrace Law and Order while the Americans see laws more as guidelines.

    Anyway… Understanding American History will certainly help to understand how we came to our current situation. Learning it in Canada may provide a different perspective than you might find here in the states.

    I emigrated from Canada to the US 20 years ago. It is interesting to compare the two cultures.

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    1. I like Canadian history too I think it’s interesting in it’s own way but yeah it’s more of written history than revolutions and stuff.

      It is quite interesting to learn it in Canada because I feel like I get a more unbiased history because my friends in the US learn a much more edited version of American history.


      1. I’m partially biased because I got my degree in psych lol. Social psychology is another great one too! I also took a sociology course called Social Problems, and it was very interesting as well.

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