5 Ways To Remain Positive

With everything going on in the world right now plus being stuck at home it’s easy to start to feel more negative. It can also feel a lot worse if you already suffer from mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Here are some ways  to stay positive: 

Pamper yourself- Take a day or even a few hours/minutes out of your day/week to pamper yourself. When you’re stuck at home it’s easy to let yourself go and stop pampering yourself but it’s important to set some “me time” aside for yourself. It can be as simple as putting on some lotion and lipstick or taking a nice hot bath. It really helps clear your mind and bring some more positivity into your life.

Keep busy- Make sure not to completely let yourself go and sleep in all day (happened to a friend of mine… 😂) but it’s a good idea to maintain your usual routine at least to an extent. Sleeping in too much can actually be bad for your mental health and it can make you feel more depressed, sad and or negative in general. Keeping your general routine or if that’s not possible at least finding some activities/hobbies to do while you’re at home can really help you feel better.

Surround yourself with positivity- I know it’s easy to fall down a hole of reading negative news all day but make sure to read/watch/do something positive too. You can read some inspirational quotes or read an inspirational book or just watch some cat videos on YouTube!

Stay in touch with people you care about- Even though being around people you care about may not be an option right now it’s a good idea to keep in touch with them. It really helps improve your mood and kind of distracts you from any negative feelings you may be experiencing. 

Breathe- Taking deep breathes especially when you’re feeling anxious, depressed or panicky can really help calm you down and bring more positive energy into your mind.

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87 thoughts on “5 Ways To Remain Positive

  1. I think there is more to it than just “staying busy” but rather, have fun. I’m self-employed and “busier” than ever — which is great. It’s just difficult to find a way to have fun with everything closed and not supposed to meet people. I don’t personally find anything solitary fun.

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    1. Yeah I definitely agree that’s why I added staying in touch with people and pampering yourself because even though we can’t meet people we can still stay in touch with them which can really help.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for this post, I needed to hear this! Aaaah I’m so with you in keeping up the usual routine that we had. I’ve been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and it’s really bad! 😩 Love this post! Stay safe and healthy! 💗


  3. lovely, sensible blog – its really hard for different reasons for different people but we must stay positive and plan for when we can go back to normal x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m hooked on to your site
    Must say, you’re really great at giving advice these were all so good. I personally loved the bath tip in there. Just pampered myself a little while ago and whatte mind cleanser that was!!


  5. Great post! I think we need to see more about positive happenings to help subside what is currently taking place. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve written similar stuff on my site too. Positivity, inspiration etc. Do read it once, would be a pleasure!😊


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