The Writer- A Short Story

I did not have time to write a blogging advice post today since they are a little bit longer so I decided to write a short story instead because it was so fun writing the last one and you guys left such sweet, supportive comments! This one is inspired by a show called Tell Me A Story which is what I’ve been watching lately.

“I am such a huge fan! I love your books!,” she gushed. “Thank you,” he smiled signing her copy of his latest book. “Are you working on the next book? I can’t wait to find out what happens to Sophie! I hope she escapes!,” the fan continued ignoring the irritated look on John’s face. “Next please!,” yelled John’s manager. 

“I love your books- they are truly chilling! I was wondering if you base them on true events?,” asked another eager fan. “Yes, I do. Thanks for coming,” smiled John. They just kept coming one after the other.

John loved his profession and his fans. He was a smart man and he understood that they had made him and could just as easy break him. He just hated being asked about his writing or his life. He tried so hard to distance himself from the limelight but somehow that just made them greedier for information.

He was a recluse, lived in the middle of nowhere, had no living family left and had one friend he saw about twice an year. Apart from about three people no one even knew where he lived and as for the three people who did know where he lived they often wondered how he got by with so little human contact. But somehow he seemed to thrive on it, each book more twisted than the last. And the fans loved every second of his twisted fantasies. They devoured his books, waiting in line for hours just to get to them as soon as they were released.  

“Okay, book signing is over. Thank you everyone for coming out!,” his manager yelled. John quickly got up sighing in relief. He smiled and waved one last time and then quickly walked away from the table. He just wanted to go home, away from everyone and everything. 

“I guess I’ll see you in another six months,” his manager joked. “If you’re lucky,” John replied smiling. John had a charm that people couldn’t seem to resist. And yet he never seemed to take advantage of it. His manager shook his head in frustration thinking of all the women he could have had if he had been John. Instead he got to go home to his wife and kid that he had been stuck with for the last decade. One drunken night had cost him his entire life. 

When John finally got home he headed straight for the wine cellar. He had specifically renovated the basement to have the cellar put in and he had even designed the entire thing himself. It was completely sound proof. Perfect for a writer, the builders had joked. He unlocked the door in anticipation.

Just as he walked in the screams filled his ears. “Now Sophie, that’s no way to greet someone is it,” he chuckled. What would he do without his “wine cellar”?

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112 thoughts on “The Writer- A Short Story

      1. What? Oh, phew, you’re there, Pooja! I was just imagining you chained up in a cellar having been stripped of your … ahem … dignity. Well that’s okay then. So long as you’re okay and are fully clo.. erm, that is – fully in possession of your freedom. 😨😜

  1. When John replied the fan that his books are based on true events I’m sure it was taken as a casual joke😅… poor Sophie!💔
    The end was chilling… you must continue this!

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