The Worst Date

I decided to write another short story today because honestly they are so much fun to write! Hope you enjoy it.

She had been feeling a little off the whole day and she assumed it was because of the blind date she was about to go on. She hoped that feeling of impending doom would go away once she met her date. She quickly finished putting on her makeup, got into her Uber and was on her way to the restaurant.
As soon as she walked into the restaurant and saw him she felt even worse. Something in the back on her mind kept telling her to run away. She didn’t know why- he was quite good looking, charming even. “You must be Alex, I’m Taylor,” he said smiling. “Nice to finally meet you,” he continued. “Same here,” she replied telling her brain to shut up.
They made small talk till the waiter came over to take their order. “I’ll have the pasta and a salad for the lady,” Taylor said without so much as asking her what she wanted. She was starting to see why her gut was telling her to leave. He was turning out to be a nightmare.
He talked about himself most of the night, insisted they don’t have any dessert because he wanted to pay for the entire meal and the place was already too expensive for him, kept telling her how much he loved reading about serial killers and what the best way of getting rid of a dead body was. Clearly, she should have listened to her gut.
“So… want to come back to my place?” he asked. “There’s this serial killer podcast I’ve been super into and currently it’s actually discussing a serial killer in this town that the police are looking for,” he added gleaming. Okay, he was way too excited about that and she knew this was her cue to leave.
“I think I’m just going to head home,” she said calling an Uber. “Well I could drive you home you really don’t need to take an Uber,” he said. “That’s fine,” she muttered. “Really it’s no big deal, come on my car is this way,” he insisted grabbing her hand. “I said no,” she screamed and got into the car that pulled up. Thank God for Uber. She could not imagine getting into a car with a psycho like that.
Somehow that weird feeling of impending doom was still there and she looked out of the window hoping it will calm her down a bit and that’s when she noticed for the first time that they were going the wrong. “Excuse me, I think we’re going the wrong way,” she said. “I’m taking a shortcut,” the driver muttered. “But you’re going in the opposite direction,” she argued getting more worried. “Shut the hell up and sit still before I hurt you,” said the driver revealing his gun.

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92 thoughts on “The Worst Date

  1. Ok, Ms. Steven King! Wow! Your stories scare me, but in a delicious, thrilly way. I am scared to ask if you’ve ever had a blind date!!! Mine was really scary – I married him and then he abused me and our kids!!!

        1. Yeah it’s definitely so critical but like you said we learn to ignore it which is awful. So many people who have had a bad experience say they had a bad feeling but didn’t listen.

  2. Excellent write-up, I have always enjoyed your articles, you’re such a wonderful writer, always on point. This article is loaded to the hilt, I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading it and at the same time I was hugely enlightened. I will keep developing my writing skills so that one day I will be at your level. Thanks

  3. Wow Alex is having an aweful night. I will read more when I am able. I like that he was ordering for her, that there was something off from the get go and his obession with serial killers was a clear red flag. Good job!

  4. Omg, that’s a horrific date! He ordered for her assuming she wanted a salad and only talked about himself!
    Really liked this story and wow, what an ending!

  5. Your short stories are amazing! I was captivated by the story (and worried for Alex) right from the start, and the ending was so well done!

  6. Great story – gave me the chills though! It reminds me of that saying “don’t jump out of the frying pan and into the fire” or something along those lines 🙂

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