5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

Disclaimer: I think this post “5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog” accidentally got reposted. I usually update older posts on Sundays and this happens occasionally. I’m not trying to be annoying. So sorry if this ends up on your Reader after like two years lol!

Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is such a fun way to express yourself and interact with other like-minded people. A lot of people really enjoy a lot of aspects of blogging but the one thing most people I have interacted with enjoy is the social part of blogging. The WordPress community is a truly unique place on the internet because for the most part people are super friendly, enthusiastic, supportive and helpful. But it can also be easy to make mistakes that will destroy your blog when it comes to WordPress.

After blogging for a while a lot of bloggers (my phone just tried to autocorrect the word bloggers to voyagers?? 🤔) realise that growing your blog is actually pretty difficult. Having a larger platform is great because you get to interact with even more people. There are a lot more benefits of having a larger platform too especially if you would like to blog professionally or make money on your blog at any point. 

I have a lot of posts you can check out about how to grow your blog. But today I decided to do something a little different. I decided to write about mistakes that will destroy your blog. Or at least really slow down your growth. I’m not trying to tell you what to blog about. Because blogging is obviously a very personal thing and you should blog about whatever you feel that you want to blog about. However, if you want to grow your blog or increase your growth I would recommend avoiding these mistakes that will destroy your blog:

Buying Followers, Likes And Comments

There are so many issues that come along with buying followers, likes and comments. In fact, when it comes to mistakes that will destroy your blog, this is the biggest one. Since we don’t have forever I will keep it short and highlight some of the main issues that are associated with buying bot likes, follows and comments. 

The first issue is that everyone’s going to know. It’s often extremely obvious when people buy likes, comments and followers. Bot followers usually have no profile picture, no real posts etc. The comments are often really basic or generic. Like “nice post” or “great post” without any real reference to the post itself. The likes are often disproportionate compared to the comments and followers which is a big tell-tale for fake likes.

If you ever want to make a profit from your posts you will likely be interested in sponsored posts however the first thing sponsors do is check how many of your followers are real which is extremely easy to do. Most people have some fake followers because bots just follow sites randomly sometimes (you’ll notice some bot followers in your following too) but if the largest majority of your following is fake obviously sponsors are not going to be interested in working with you because what’s the point? You won’t direct any traffic to them since none of your traffic is real. 

Another issue is again concerning making a profit from your blog because I’m assuming that if you’re buying followers it’s because you want to make money off your site. A lot of times people will sell services or products on their blog which is a great (maybe the best) way to make money online but if all your followers are fake who are you going to sell to? If you build a genuine following it may take longer but it’s worth so much more than a fake following. 

Buying followers, likes and comments can be pretty expensive. Especially buying followers, however, from stuff I’ve read these followers don’t last very long because WP has been cracking down on bot accounts (they’re not doing a good job with it but they’re trying) so your followers are going to decrease as time goes buy and you will have to continue buying followers every few weeks to maintain your following. Instead, spend some money advertising on other blogs or through Google or Bing. You’ll gain genuine followers for a much cheaper amount. 

The last and probably the most important reason is because if you’re buying all these things you’re probably missing the point of blogging. In my opinion at least, blogging is largely about putting your work out there and interacting with other bloggers and honestly it’s the best part of blogging. WordPress is really unique because unlike most platforms on the internet people are super supportive and kind here. People genuinely want to connect with one another and I feel like the majority of people actually use their platform how it was supposed to be used- to express oneself. If you ever want to buy followers just take some time to interact with people here instead. It will help you connect with others and grow your blog. 

Spam Comments

Literally everyone I have talked to on WP hates spam comments. And in my opinion these kind of comments are one of the worst parts of WP. I don’t mean spam comments like the obviously spam ones that try to sell you viagra or something (although if you’re the person who keeps leaving spam comments trying to sell me viagra please stop 😂). I mean the comments that say nothing about your post. But tell you to visit their blog.

Why would anyone follow your blog when you can’t take a few minutes to read theirs? Most people would automatically check out your blog if you left a genuine comment on their blog. However, when you leave comments like this people are just going to get irritated and probably block you or at least avoid your blog. 

Not Using Features Correctly

WP offers a lot of really great features. But a lot of people don’t do a lot or any research on how to use them to their advantage. Features like tags, categories, featured images etc are there for a reason. And they can be vital in growing your blog. Using these features incorrectly can actually slow down your blogs growth.

For example, if you use more than 15 tags your posts will be taken off the tags section in the Reader. And this will decrease your traffic and consequently your following. Using incorrect hashtags can also do the same. Using really specific tags is great for SEO but not so much for the WP community. I mean when was the last time you searched something on WP that was super specific like “post about how to grow your blog and use the tags feature on WP.” Most people will search something like “how to grow your blog” or even shorter like “grow WordPress.” Using specific tags is fine. But don’t forget to add some broader tags too like “food” if you’re writing about food. 


Clickbait is okay if you do it once in a while and your title does relate to your post to an extent. But if you constantly use clickbait-y titles that have nothing to do with your post people are probably going to get irritated. And end up not following you or unfollowing you. What you want is loyal readers and followers because that’s what will help you grow long term. 

Spreading Hate

Most people have heard this at least a few times in their life- if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I think most people are fine receiving feedback because it helps you improve your writing or your posts. And it helps you understand your readers better. However, if you are going to use your platform to leave hateful comments that attack the blogger you are not going to be very popular on WP. Because like I said we’re like a family here. If you’re going to leave feedback make sure you’re not attacking someone and leave it in a positive manner.

If you’re just going to leave a hateful comment think about the fact that there are thousands of other blogs out there. No one is forcing you to follow a blog you don’t like or read posts you don’t want to. If you hate something that much just read other blogs you agree with or connect with more. Don’t waste your energy ruining someone else’s day. You don’t personally know this person. You don’t know what they are currently going through. And frankly it’s their blog and they can do whatever they want on their own blog.  


I hope you found this post on “5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog” helpful and informative. I wanted to do something different and share a different type of advice post.

What are some blogging mistakes you wish you had known about sooner? Have you missed my blogging advice posts? Do you think I should do more blogging advice posts- I feel like I haven’t done any in forever? Did you find this post helpful? What is some blogging advice you wish someone had given you?

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360 thoughts on “5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

  1. Wow! Pooja, this is great information and thank you for sharing. I did not know you could buy followers, likes and comments. Also, I like your profile photo. Have a great day/night and remain safe.

    1. Hi Tangie. I’m new to blogging on WP but if you have HBO search up Fake Famous. Talks about Instagram bought bots, likes, and comments. They do a social experiment on how make a person look and become famous on Instagram. It’s interesting because it applies to all social media platform.

      1. This was news to me too. Thanks for all this information, PoojaG.
        My blog is a year old. Up until just a few days ago, I had zero traffic. I signed up for WP blogging course, and suddenly there’s traffic. Not much, but it is a start.
        I am learning.

  2. I know no features of WP and obviously have missed a lot of the advantages they bring. Also I wish I know some photography or image editing. I know none of those, which can brighten up a blog.

    1. Yeah learning about the features helps a lot. For the images check out apps like Canva that offer free images- all you have to do is pick a size and add it to your posts.

  3. Thanks a lot. I was wondering y my views and likes have decreased suddenly turns out that I had used too many tags for my recent post😂😂. Its so thoughtful of you to share these tips.❤

    1. I made the same mistake for a while before I realised there is a limit for tags so I wanted to share that information in case anyone else was going through something similar. Glad it helped!!

        1. It’s like tags on social media and works the same way. It’s on the left hand side of your post when it’s a draft.

  4. Completely agree with all of this. Buying fake followers & engagement is easy fo spot / actually makes it harder for you to grow because the content underperforms from what it should since the following is fake!

    1. I always enjoy your titles! I only get irritated when the title has nothing to do with the post and I’m left there like this is not why I clicked. I started watching Ted Lasso by the way!

  5. Lol the part about spam comments is so true. It’s really poor form in general to ask someone to follow or check out your own website. If you really want people to do that, then take the time to write a killer comment.

    Also, like Jim, I too fall victim to using clickbait headlines, lol. That’s my one and only blog vice.

    1. Yeah just leave a genuine comment and most people will check out your blog anyway. Lol clickbait titles are fun as long as they have something to do with the post not just a random title!

  6. Hey Pooja. Great post….lol…I could stop there but won’t. Seriously tho. You’ve got me thinking. Keeping a blog going isn’t always easy and to get traffic is tough….I had no idea about the limit on tags and stuff. I’m gonna have to read and study more I think. But in the meantime I think you’ve inspired my next blog.

  7. Hey, I’m also getting those Spam comments ‘the Viagra ones’.
    Even though I closed my comment of that post but still getting it.

    It’s good to see I’m not the only one. 😂

  8. This was great. Very helpful and informative. I want very much to grow my blog. So often I just wish I had a medium sized pile of money in the bank to live on while I write and try to sell what I write💜thank you for this post.

  9. Love, love this✨

    Honestly since I started layering about the many features of WordPress —the page looked better and overall interaction is increased. Research is a must!

    A great read Pooja😘 x

  10. I’m surprised that people can buy likes. Doesn’t seem to have a point. The only thing I wonder about is that one can’t possibly read every blog that reads your blog or you’d never get any work done. Nonspecific comments happen in a variety of situations…if you feel you have to leave a comment then you leave great post. Though sometimes it is because you think it is a great post. If someone likes your blog, then they like your blog. If you only read a blog because someone read yours, you may end up in blogs that don’t suit your interests and become resentful. I have to be selective as I have several things I do so can’t possibly keep up on every blog post. I find another problem with blogs is that it depends on the forum. I was very surprised to see that on one specific blog, a very popular historical novelist actually only had a couple of dozen people read her blog and like it. I won’t name either as that wouldn’t be very ethical in my mind, but it seems some forums are more for reading books and not for interest in the particular blogger. Not sure if that means that some forums are not specifically useful if you want to be read. I read your blog because I enjoy it. I think it is important to read for interest and not out of a sense of duty. I was pleased to see that WordPress gives me a handy section to check on comments etc. I think the reason to write a blog post might be that you enjoy blogging. People either will read it or they will not. It’s not one of the things that you control…the audience does. Anyway, it’s just my opinion and might not agree with anyone else’s idea of blogging.

    1. I think buying likes or followers is generally for people who want to be influencers or only use their blog to make money. I definitely see where you’re coming from and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Yeah I didn’t know when I first started blogging either and I ended up using too many tags which messed up my growth for a while. I only found out about it later on. Technically you can use unlimited tags but it messes up your posts.

    1. Thank you- it’s one of my favourite pictures!!

      Yup spam comments are the worst and you end up doing way more damage with them than good.

  11. My advice just keep on blogging. Like Field of Dreams movie. Build it and they will come. The same applies … just keep on blogging they will come. Don’t stop just keep adding posts. Thank you for sharing those tips. Thanks for the tip especially on limit of keywords. That’s good to know.

  12. My blog is still very small, but I promised myself never to buy followers, likes or comments… I’m completely satisfied with real and authentic people who genuinely follow, like posts and or drop a comment. I’ld rather maintain a small community than buy one.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing it- I’m glad you found it helpful and hope others do too. The tags are on the left hand side when you draft a post and using specific with less specific ones work best.

  13. This was a wonderful and very informative post. Honestly, just what I needed to read as I am struggling with my blog (for years in fact, haha) Thank you for helping me!

  14. Interesting post! I am glad spreading hate is amongst the crucial blogging mistakes list! Nobody needs that negativity in their lives…life is hard enough. As a brand new blogger, (I started around October 2020), I appreciate people sharing their experience. Thank you. I would like to think most of these points are common sense…but I know the internet is a weird and wonderful place where strange things occur…oh and your point around overly specific tags is a good one…not that I was in danger of that mistake. I hadn’t even thought about it.👍👏

    1. Thanks- I’m glad you found the post helpful! I have gotten a lot of hate so I know how awful it feels and I just don’t think anyone should have to experience that especially when they’re writing on their own blog. The internet is definitely a very interesting place!

  15. WordPress us a very difficult program to master. I’ve done plenty of research and still have problems understanding their terminology. For example can you explain a “static page,” and how does one create a stationery header page. They list 3 footers, what is each one’s purpose. When spending money for a site it would be nice to have help or training from its developers. Info should be put in layman’s language. There support is terrible.

    I have a website, not with WordPress, which is easy to master. I have a mail package, which is easy to master, so I do have a little tech knowledge.

    1. Yeah absolutely! Bot followers are not real followers they are actually robots that certain people/sites etc create to mass follow someone. People often pay to get these kind of bot followers so that they look like they have more followers than they actually do. The bots obviously are not active since they aren’t real so they are often quite easy to spot.

    1. Thank you- glad you liked the tips! Welcome to the blogging world and please let me know when you decide to publish because I would love to check it out.

  16. This is so helpful and I find I subconsciously do most of these. The one I find it hard to do is the connecting web one. It’s hard to find bloggers that are just coming up here and I think its rude to tell people to follow you on another blog post. Do you have any advice on what I could do?

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  18. Thanks for the great advice! I especially appreciated the tips on using tags/categories/featured images. Being new to WP and blogging, I sometimes feel that I am accomplishing nothing but a series of mistakes. But I am confident that with time even I will get better! I appreciate the hard work you put into sharing your knowledge with us!

  19. If anyone has an advice…thanks in advance.i started in january as agriculture machinery salesman memories, but i feel i can advice all salesman.what can i do engage also other market salesman.at the moment the agriculture machinery sales peopele read it.how can i atract other salesman? I am getting all my readets from facebook at the momment

    1. There’s a search bar on your Reader right at the top. Try searching for “sales” or “salesman” or something like that and you’ll hopefully find similar blogs as yours that you can check out. Good luck!

    1. Yeah I didn’t know about the limit for a while either but staying under the limit has definitely helped increase my traffic. Glad this helped!

  20. I love you for this advises. Your post is a great source of encouragement to me. One of your advises is that ‘ its better not to comment than to say hurtful comments.

    1. Glad they were helpful! I know it’s crazy that people would buy followers. I’m glad you’re being patient and growing organically.

  21. Thank you for your tip about the 15 tags in your post will have it taken of the reader. I didn’t know this would happen and will prove useful going forwards. 👍

  22. Great tips thank you! Been on WP for a while now. And this is the first time im actually interacting. I have not posted so many things just really a few about personal sentiments and dillemma. But id really want to spend time writing more in the goal of actually getting someone to notice, learn from or just mostly relate.

  23. Just started my blog
    Thanks for letting me understand unless I would have made a terrible (I’m not sure if that spelling is even right 😹) mistake

  24. I completely agree about spam comments, not just on WP but on other social platforms as well. If someone have sent me a comment that interest me, I would check their blog. But asking someone to like their post in exchange for their likes, is such a turn off. And if we think about it, that like won’t ever satisfy the creator inside you because you know you haven’t earned that one.

    1. Yeah absolutely. If you left a genuine comment most people would visit your blog/social page anyway and like you said it will never be fulfilling as a creator.

  25. First thing first, your writting skill is amazing. I can completely relate or agree with you. Everything was on points😊👍 in this post.

  26. As always thank you for the tips. My blog has been my way of sharing strategies which have helped me with depression, and in general get through a Monday to Friday work week which is where I earn my income at the moment. My blog is growing slowly, but I really feel like I’m connecting with each person that takes the time to read and leave a comment, and I’m learning some awesome things from their blogs too.

    I hope you are well, and that you continue doing what you’re doing because the world needs uplifting and hard working people like you in it.

    Peace to you and your family. 💖

    1. Glad you found the post helpful! It really is like a family you’ll definitely see that once you blog for a little while 😊

  27. hey, wow, i really like these pointers, esp. featured photos, cool! as for the tags, what is meant i usually tag mine as if its a hashtag like; art,nature,story, flower, mystery, etc. is that fine im thinking those are general, do i put my title in tags? also whats the difference between catagories and tags… catagories is?? a lottle confused (sorry if this is to much to ask, bit i rly like this post with some Qs lol) thanks tho!

  28. I had no idea you could by followers and can’t understand why you would want to😳 Bots don’t read so your wasting time and money! Thanks for the tips girlie

  29. I fully agree with all your points there. My attitude is, “Don’t BS me!” I don’t like it done to me, so I don’t do it either. There you go

      1. Thanks. Yeah, it definitely helps to think, “I don’t like that crap, so why should I do it?”

  30. This is pretty helpful. I started my blog on a word document, which I’m still updating so my blog is a little behind from my “word blog” if that makes sense. It’s something I am doing for my mental health, but I hope people will eventually find it helpful.

    1. I did that when I first started blogging too but now I just save drafts on WP. Welcome to the blogging world and I’m sure your blog will be a help to many!

  31. Wow, I didn’t realise using over fifteen tags would not show the post up in the reader.. I have used over fifteen tags in all of my blog posts.. wow.

  32. Lol buying likes? Wow I thought that was only on YouTube and istagram. I mean, my blog is growing slowly but I can’t imagine buying freaking likes!

    1. Yup I have seen some people doing that and I always find it weird because they’ll have like a thousand likes but like a couple of followers and no comments. You would much rather grow organically!

  33. Very helpful! Thanks. I particularly like to read other blogs to give support to other bloggers too. Do unto others as u want to be done unto you

  34. I recently started blogging again after a hiatus due to covid. I received a lot of new followers, and I was happy
    But now I’m reading this post and wonder? Now I will go through and check to make sure they’re not bots. Thanks.

  35. I admit, at 72, I’m behind the curve with technology in general, but I keep trying to improve. It was months before I knew I could reply to someone’s blog. How embarrassing is that?

    There are definitely aspects of WordPress I wish were more user friendly, but then … I worry that these things are available and I’m simply not seeing them.

    Maybe I should let my dachshund run my blog. She definitely younger, and possibly smarter. 😉

    1. Whoops, well if it makes you feel better I’ve made tons of silly mistakes like that and I started this blog at 18 haha. It takes a lot of mistakes before you figure things out and that’s okay. WP could definitely be more user friendly but I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon.

      Haha well I’m sure she’s very smart- I always think pets are smarter than we think 😂

  36. I’m just starting out so it’s hard to answer all your questions, however, I would definitely read your blogging tips!

      1. I have learned a lot from you by reading your blog posts since I first came across your blog. When I first started blogging, I didn’t know anything except how to write. Reading your posts has taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do. I am glad you post information that we all can learn from.

        1. I’m really happy to hear that my posts have been helpful. I know that blogging can be tricky and share advice posts to help other bloggers.

  37. Thank you for sharing. I think I really suffer from not using features correctly and not willing to do some research on them. LOL. I tried to do it, but I just don’t have the motivation to do it. I know this is no good and I need to really do something, but my brain doesn’t listen to me. LOL. You know research is boring and I am still for the inspiration to push me forward….

    1. Thanks so much, yeah it’s not as popular on WordPress but it does still exist and some people do buy likes and follows. Quite odd/sad but it is what it is I guess.
      Have a great week too 🙂

  38. Hi, please keep doing it
    I don’t mind it.
    Do it daily
    I received notification on Monday, because I know you don’t publish on Monday (your Sundays), so it’s a treat for me.
    These are some solid point PG
    I agree with it.
    No need to add anything further to it.
    This blog is long, oh I love it😁

          1. Nah they won’t.
            It’s better to have few communicative followers than many unresponsive ones.
            I know that you like it when people read and show appreciation towards your work.
            Trust me, it’s a great thing. Plus, it’s giving new readers an opportunity to read your previous work.
            You tell me how am I supposed to read something for 2019?
            Instead you can recommend these blogs here and there. 🙂

  39. Very helpful tips Pooja. Yes, I don’t understand why people would want a lot of fake followers. To me, it’s nice having sincere interaction with actual people. And I have to say thank you to you because I’m sure that some of the followers I do have on my blog bounced over from you, so thank you. As for your blog posts with advice, they are good and helpful but I enjoy hearing about your day and how you are doing sometimes too.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I agree. I find blogging is most fun when you interact with others. I find it fun to share personal experiences sometimes too so glad you enjoy those posts too.

    1. Yes, I learnt that the hard way after using too many tags a few times. And 15 tags is the maximum if you aren’t using categories. It’s one less tag for each category. So if you’re using two categories the maximum number of tags would be 13.

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