Six Word Story #119

You always derided at our love.

Today’s Word:


1. to laugh at or insult contemptuously
2. to subject to usually bitter or contemptuous ridicule or criticism

More about the word.

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71 thoughts on “Six Word Story #119

  1. There it is. Miss negative.. 119 has a similar meaning as 118..
    Somebody isn’t being no light worker. 🍷

    Inappropriate should demon wants me to ask if you’re in your header photo. I’m tired, he usually wins when I’m half asleep.

      1. You’re supposed to say it is if it isn’t and it isn’t if it is. Then neither if it is while isn’t.
        I was going to come up with some creepy comments just to make other commenters see it all 😳 while making it obvious I was kidding.
        Every so often I’ll come across bloggers who have commenters that are obviously creeping where I’m all “do you really think that will work? Really? Ewww.”
        I wouldn’t care if someone tracked down my private/direct contacts but I’m just some random guy who works constantly and my friends can’t even find me.
        And… I’m late from my break. Thanks! I don’t have a boss so it doesn’t matter. lol

        1. In that case that image is definitely of me and I definitely just look all cute and artsy in pictures all the time… 😂
          I had someone leave extremely creepy comments at one point (not as a joke) and then send me weird messages on IG until I had to block them 😩

          1. My comment was “that’s a side I’d like to get to know better..”
            Completely wasted.. for some reason I kind of think it is you, but it makes no difference either which way.
            I did, however, have fun trying to come up with self defeatist pick up lines. “Don’t forget to call me at 3 am for a hot night of mutually friend zoning each other. 😘”.
            I have a few funny ones I can’t remember.

          2. Oh: and if I was a female blogger the internet would be extremely creepy.
            I only have to worry about trolls and potential mass shooters if I took blogging seriously.. if I decided to actually be serious I’d move to some isolated mountain area with aggressive wildlife that I could befriend to protect me from crazy internet people.
            I will see stuff in comments where a person likes something they probably don’t like and have a generic comment that, if it’s acknowledged, is returned with “I just hit you up on whatever social media platform” which is painfully obvious they’re fishing for a hook up. I’ve made friends from blogging, it’s not a big deal, but that’s just because some people are fun to talk to where it’s weird having private conversations in comments.
            FYI: just sent pics to your email (lying).

              1. Hey, I think it’s wonderful, there really is no downside to sharing knowledge!
                “A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.”
                HELEN KELLER

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