Blah Blah Blah

Unfortunately, I don’t have a post for you guys today. I don’t know why but I just feel so blah. I don’t know how else to explain it. I’m not sad or tired or sleepy or anything really. I’m just blah. I feel like the human equivalent of the “urghhh” sound. I hope to feel better soon and get out of this funk. I think I just need to meditate some more and get in touch with my inner self and figure out where these emotions, or rather lack of, are stemming from. I didn’t want to force myself to write in this mood so I decided to just be honest and tell you guys how I feel because pobody’s nerfect… Oh- I saw a rainbow today which was cool!!

Let me know in the comments how your day is going so far- you guys know I always enjoy reading your comments!

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156 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah

    1. Aww hey everyone has blah days, I definitely have blah days, but you were able to post and be honest about the blahs, which is something in itself. I was reading an article earlier on that says that if we own our blah days, then psychologically we are usually happier. It was on Good News Network, if you’re interested (I won’t include the link so WordPress doesn’t treat this as a spam comment lol). As you will know, lately I’ve been sharing posts of whatever has been going on, and actually they seem to be quite popular. I think people like authenticity, and that includes being honest about the blahs. It’s great doling out posts to try and help people, but sometimes people want to know you, too. Just my two cents. I hope the blahs pass up soon 🙂

      On another note, do you remember not so long ago we talked about my taking over the lounge by stealth? Guess who got a corner shelf unit on Wednesday? I now possess about 25% of the room 😉

      1. Thank you! I agree everyone feels that way sometimes we just have to make the best of it. I’ll definitely check out the article. It’s good you didn’t share the link WP can be so annoying sometimes.

        Omg yay! You’ll soon take over the entire room lol!

  1. My day has been a rather lazy one lol. The weather here in California is so hot and all I want to do is stay inside with the air conditioner on. Other than that it has been a nice day. Sorry your feeling blah, I have felt like that before. Good news is that feeling will pass. Hope your feeling better soon. 😁

  2. Sorry your day is not going well. Been fighting with Facebook to get my accounts closed (personal and A & J PEI Treasures). Opened my Twitter account to give me a home base. Not going back to FB. Seems a bunch of trouble around. Feeling a bit tired. I’d say try screaming, but I hear enough of that around here 😀 Hope you’re not one of them…You seem a nice girl 🙂

    1. I would love to read more about your experience with FB! It was nothing but problems with me as well. If you wrote a blog post about it, let me know and I will check it out 🙂

      1. This week’s blog post on Saturday and podcast on Anchor FM (both up tomorrow). I kind of go through a bit of the process.

    2. Urghh Facebook can be so annoying- I literally just auto-post my blog posts there and that’s about it at this point. Hope you were able to get your accounts shut down!

      1. Not yet. I keep after them…sooner or later they’ll get sick of me and do it. I’m definitely not giving them my passport or drivers’ license or anything else to give it back. They didn’t like the info I sent…too bad. It’s inconvenient to lose it, but I would have a little peace of mind if it got taken down. I’m on Twitter now 🙂

        1. Closing a FB account is crazy- a YouTuber I watch was stalked and hacked by her stalker and they still refused to close it. FB rules are kind of crazy. Hope you’re enjoying Twitter- I’ll follow you there!

          1. Thanks. I’ll just drive them nuts until they remove it. They messed up and I don’t give up. They need to remove it. I’ll eventually figure out how to get through to them ☺☺

  3. I believe we all have the blahs here and there. Missing a day or two of posting is fine I think, feel better, Pooja!

  4. I get the blah, blah, blah. I am deliberately pacing myself at a leisurely speed today. That is my reward to myself for a tumultuous couple of weeks 😉

  5. Everyone has one of those days. I find that I need a break from time to time. I hope that your day improves significantly. Take care, Pooja ❤️

  6. We all have those types of days and you certainly are entitled to them. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. For me, I am exhausted functioning on three hours of sleep. Please take care

  7. Haha! Sometimes everyday feels the same. But don’t worry, you’ll soon get better days soon.

    And just heard the news about the intense temperature fluctuations in some parts of Canada. Hope everything is alright there.

  8. We all feel blah sometimes. When we do, it’s better to look where that feeling is coming from, rather than carrying on as usual, as you said. Hope you feel better, soon!😊

    1. It’s raining a lot here too but luckily there’s sun too so there have been quite a few lovely rainbows. Hope you see one soon!

  9. 40 mins ago so so pissed off.
    Felt like crying.
    Tears were just at border line.
    I got up and moved
    from the place
    where I was sitting
    As in that discussion
    I was not fitting…… 🙄
    Now better 💜🌸💗❤️
    अजी अब वो ज़माने कहाँ
    जब हम डूबे रहते थे
    किस्से कहानियों में
    Dr URVASHI VERMA 2.18pm July 2, 2021

  10. I feel like it is bes tg to give what we can whenever we can. If there are moments we have nothing to give that is what we need🥰 I love that saying🤣

  11. Hey Girl, I’ve been feeling the same recently. A little all over the place. Beautiful weather, flowers and birds always brighten up my day. If I could I’d pack up my desk and work in the park instead. Hope you have a lovely rest of the day and weekend x

  12. My day is awesome. Its my grandma and mom’s birthday tomorrow so I am doing some sort of preparation for tomorrow. I understand you are not upto posting today it happens with me also. Its your holiday today. Lol😂😂🥰🥰☺️

  13. I am very pumpt today as I prepare to leave for work.I do anticipate the three day weekend knowing that I will be on the lake saturday and sunday proceeded by a recovery day on Monday. It’s not uncommon to feel the funk at times but uncovering why you feel that way is helpful to improve your mood.

    1. Hope you have a very fun long weekend! I agree we need to get to the root of why we’re feeling that way and try to fix the issue.

  14. Totally get the not being able to explain the “Blah’s”. Lean into it with curiosity – best advice about emotions I have been given

  15. “I’m feeling just blah”
    I can relate.
    “Blah” is quite a sensitive and underrated word.
    I think it happens when we are unable to enjoy ongoing moments in our surroundings.
    We can’t really do much about this.
    Hope your “blah” or boredom goes away soon…

  16. I understand that blah feeling. I have had it a lot during the pandemic. Right now I feel especially blah, but it’s okay because I’m recovering from a frenectomy

  17. We all have those days I often think it’s when my heart, mind and life are not I. Sync that I feel those moments more and yep meditation helps me too also reading others blogs post gives me a feel good feeling. Hope you feel better soon 💛🌼

  18. I had a perfect day until the dinner and then something life altering happened which I am still coming to terms with.

    Hope you feel okay soon, love reading your posts!

  19. Yeah, you’re right. I also sometimes feelings like this especially these days when I am completely free and nothing much to do…… and I have no idea how to handle it!!

  20. As a person who uses mehh, blah, urghh , meh is almost the start of music.
    Make music, when you are ready 💞

  21. The whole of last week I felt so blah, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything. Today was a good day though -I finally finished a book (the reading funk is over💃🏽) A good bath is always recommend!

    Hope you feel better soon🧡

  22. This is what I enjoy about reading and writing blogs. The honesty about the human experience. We do not always have good days, cannot always be positive or produce excellence all the time. We have days when we simply feel like we cannot do anything worthwhile. Being honest about it and sharing that honesty is so helpful to those who are afraid to admit that they feel that way. It makes it perfectly fine to say I am human. Thank you for your honesty.

    1. Thank you. I agree- no one has only perfect days but a lot of people feel pressured to have perfect lives because that’s all they see online. I like to share downs with the ups as a friendly reminder that everyone has down days.

  23. Yes, it’s happen many time with us we are depressed, we don’t know why but we don’t feel happy nothing bad happened but still we fill that we are not happy , but it’s ok take yourself time and understand yourself 🙂

  24. Everyone do feel such mood swings I hope you were fine after writing your feelings out. My day is going well and actually if it doesn’t go in a way I want then I make it like I want because I want to design a beautiful life without sorrow and only happiness for me and I try to maintain it actually it is all the play of our mind and our mood and we can control it a bit if it want. Best part my mood is just blah😅😂. I do like be yourself and unique post. Thanks for sharing this

  25. I appreciate your honesty…today has been good, but busy. But now I’m relaxing and getting my mind ready for tomorrow. I’ve felt blah too at times and don’t worry you will be fine. Meditate and know that your blog is wonderful

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