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For the last few months I’ve been blogging kind of randomly because I’ve been busy with a bunch of things but I think it’s time to finally get my life in order and that means getting my blog in order too. Usually, I wouldn’t share my blogging schedule on here and just change it but there are two reasons I decided to share it.

Firstly, I felt like sharing it with you guys would be like writing it in stone. It would force me to stick to the schedule even if I felt like I wanted to give up on it or procrastinate or whatever.

Secondly, I know that this is a multi-niche blog which means that I write on a variety of topics. I know a lot of you have certain topics you prefer reading about and follow my blog for which is obviously totally okay. I write about a really large number of things and I really don’t expect you guys to enjoy every single one of them or be interested in each and every one of the topics. I thought I would share the schedule so you know when I’ll be posting on what topic and you can read the posts accordingly depending on what topics you enjoy.

Anyway, here’s the schedule and yes I used annoying names for most of them:

More Bloggers Monday

On Mondays, I will be sharing blogger interviews as I normally do so if that’s your thing check out my blog on Mondays.

Terrific Tips Tuesday

Yes, I could make a tip joke but we are adults peopleπŸ˜‚ Anyway, on Tuesdays I will be sharing tips of some sort. They will mostly be blogging tips but sometimes I’ll share other tips too like tips for learning new languages, growing your social pages etc.

Whatever Wednesdays

I’ve left Wednesdays open to write about whatever I want. I tend to really enjoy writing longer pieces about what’s going on in the world, popular topics people are discussing, stuff about history or sociological theories, etc. Some example of things I plan to talk about are body image, fat shaming, plastic surgery, toxic positivity etc. I will probably connect the post to my podcast topic for the week and discuss it in more detail there as well.

Thoughtful Thursdays

On Thursdays, I plan to talk about things to do with mental health, mindfulness and stuff like that. I feel like I’ve really dropped the ball when it comes to discussing those topics but they’re important to me so I plan on making sure I start talking about them again.

Foodie Fridays

This one sparks joy lol! On Fridays I plan to share content about food. I’ll share things like recipes, food reviews, What I Eat In A Day posts and pretty much anything else related to food.

Six Word Story/Short Story Saturdays

On Saturdays, I plan to share six word stories, short stories or poetry.


I’ll be sharing the usual motivational quotes as I always do.

I hope that helps to kind of understand my blogging schedule better. I will try to stick to it as much as possible but don’t hate me if I can’t always do that lol! I will be following this schedule from NEXT WEEK so this week is going to be whatever lol.

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44 thoughts on “Lifesfinewhine’s New Schedule

  1. Burnout Blunders might be another one to add to the list. Jk! Seriously though you don’t owe us anything πŸ™‚

    I like the idea of accountability. Thought about doing this for a blog post as well, except I relapsed the next week and now have to start over again. Hence, why accountability is always a good idea! πŸ‘

    1. Lol I may have to use that one πŸ˜‚

      Yeah I’m the same way. I try really hard to make sure I post regularly and don’t get lazy with the longer posts but always end up getting lazy lol. So I thought sharing this would help make sure I stick to the schedule.

      1. I get the longer posts thing… tbh I only post things that are a minimum of 600 words. Idk why, but I’m very OCD when it comes to this stuff. I’m super lazy when it comes to writing because I want it to provide some kind of value, and feel like I need to add an educational/learning component which takes time. I don’t always have time or motivation (often the killer) to write these kinds of posts. Diary posts are by far the easiest but provide little to no value to the reader I find…. so I end up posting nothing as a result.

        It goes back to β€œanalysis by paralysis.” I think a lot but seldom get any of these thoughts onto paper. 😬

        1. I’ve been writing a lot of six word stories so at least you’re doing a hundred times better than me?!? I feel the same way. When I write longer posts especially with like advice or stuff like that I need to do a lot of research first and it ends up getting too time consuming and I get lazy about it lol.

          1. β€œI’ve been writing a lot of six word stories so at least you’re doing a hundred times better than me?!?”

            Lol I don’t think that’s how it works πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Besides, you write way more blog posts than I do. I think I’ve only written 50-something blog posts 🀭

            Same. That’s probably why I only publish 1-2 blog posts per month. I’ve even gone months without posting anything because #school

  2. Beautiful alliteration there. Love the activity for each weekday. By the way, for your podcast, I am very interested in a girl’s experience in Toronto and how’s life there–the people, the city, and of course I am always interested in immigrants’ life. LOL.

    1. We will definitely be talking about that in one of our podcasts- I think there are always interesting similarities and differences when you migrate and some of these can lead to interesting stories lol.

  3. I used to have a schedule like this, it’s really time-consuming but worth it. I write randomly now, following my inspiration, but sometimes I miss my organized page πŸ˜„

  4. I like your schedule. For me it’s difficult to write and publish a blog post, I end up writing nothing or publishing one right away.
    Your idea of blogging about multiple topics is totally fine with me, I’d find it hard to just blog about one topic.

    1. It’s definitely difficult and I was like that before I decided to start posting daily so I get where you’re coming from for sure.

  5. what a great idea to have such a schedule; I think it will make it much easier for you. And I enjoy the variety of each of your posts, so I am sure I will continue to read it every day…

  6. I’m waiting for Saturday’s because I just love your six word stories each one is so unique and different that I feel that I should reblog every story of yours.πŸ’–πŸ’β€οΈ

  7. You have such a commitment, I’m struggling a bit as of late again lol. I really don’t know whether to keep doing the Wednesdays and Saturdays or whether to just stick to the daily journal-type posts because since I’ve been doing them, they’re all that seems to get read and I’ve had three new followers in that time, too. They obviously work but there doesn’t seem much point in trying to turf out more than one post on any given day! I hope your new schedule works out well for you though πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I was struggling for a while too and had to switch things around a lot. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure it out and find the perfect schedule that works for you. Journal type posts are usually more popular.

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