What’s Up With You Guys?

Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

I was going to write a post today and had it all planned out but it just didn’t work out. So, instead I thought it’s been a while since I’ve caught up with you guys and I’m very curious. What up with you? Anything new with you? Tried anything new lately? Ready for fall semester/school to restart? Let me know in the comments below.

As for me, I am done with the summer semester and excited about what’s next for me. I’m also very happy because I’ve been eating a lot of new things which I will be sharing with you guys (I’m getting some pizza as we speak!). One weird thing that’s been happening is that I keep having dreams about snakes. I’m not sure why but it’s kind of annoying. Does anyone know what that may mean spiritually or psychologically? Hope you guys have an awesome rest of your day and sending lots of positive energy to everyone 😁

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38 thoughts on “What’s Up With You Guys?

  1. It’s the same thing today as yesterday down here, Pooja. Full couch potato mode! I assume that my frozen pizza post got you! PIZZAAA!!! 😂🍕

  2. Snakes generally archetypal temptation symbol, though the ancient Egypt belief that one particular was protector of Pharoah also Apep as part of their creation myths. . Snake eating it’s tail archetype of eternity. Though it may also be anxiety dream due to completion of the semester and butterflies about next one due to uncertainty of what is to come. Just stuff off too of my head so can’t guarantee its accuracy. I am on kindle and not as easy to look up and confirm the whole thing. Hope something twigs for you.

    1. Hmm that’s very interesting thanks for letting me know! I think I’ll have to some research on my own but I think it may have something to do with anxiety.

  3. Getting ready for the fall term to begin. Planning for mostly remote classes, yet do have some in-person classes scheduled. Unsure if we’ll be able to deliver those at this time due to the pandemic. We will see. Enjoy your break, Pooja!

  4. Are you finished uni? Which semester are you going into? Are you going back to school in the fall? Maybe you answered these questions already but I skimmed through your blog post. I need to get back home before Master Chef starts and the walk itself is almost an hour…. I’ve gotta hurry 🤭😂

    Lately, I’ve been working and when I not working I’m at home. It’s been busy/tiresome hence the lack of blog posts. I just realized it’s almost the end of August and haven’t posted a blog post for August yet 🤭

  5. I wonder if the snake means the impending change coming to your life. I’ve never had snakes, which might have explained my uneventful existence. Snake is a good thing, I guess. An agent of change. It can also be a temptation as some people have already pointed out.

  6. Snake dream meaning: Summary. In dreams, snakes representing personal growth, renewal, and transformation. It also denotes the presence of poisonous or toxic elements that induces fear and insecurity and calls for inner healing, health, and well-being. This is what it means spiritually. I knew it was something to that effect, but I had to be sure. I hope this answers your question. I am ready for Fall, I have had enough of this heat. Stay safe, and God bless you in your education

  7. Savoring the last few days of Summer, while looking forward to getting children #’s 3 & 4 back into the swing of school. Also looking forward to cooler temps. I do not like to be baked, thank you very much!

  8. I have no idea what those dreams might be about. I have days when I don’t feel like writing too. I’m currently reading Anne of the Islands and it’s an interesting read. I finished binge-watching the first season of Emily in Paris yesterday.

  9. Now, I’m in the final year of graduation. Thinking about whether to choose history or political science as honours. I had history previously but I don’t see many career options with it.

    I must start serious preparation for competitive exams. So less time for blogging.

    * Can’t write much but I’ll keep reading blogs. 😊

  10. Just realised we have gotten to the end of August already, that was fast. Really fast. I don’t have much going on, just winding up with my semester.

  11. I’d say, your “snake dreams” interpretation will be predicated upon what kind of feelings is derived from them.
    * If you felt no fear, perhaps its to let you know that its time to shed your old self and move forward in the next stage of your life.
    * If however these dreams instil a sense of fear, they may be confirming your inner uneasiness with some of those around you as being untrustworthy, and you should not risk trusting any snake.

  12. I’m getting ready to apply for PR and starting my business! I also just started doing HIIT workouts, which are a game changer!

  13. ahhhhh shedding old skin and growth is in store for you Pooja and it sounds awesome and timely with another semester behind you! I’m good and juggling lots always as you know. 💖💖

  14. Our vacation we looked forward to all year is now over. I’m ready for a long drive home and back to my every day life with new inspiration.

  15. I have had a proper moment answering a hypothetical question on the radio. The question was

    “What would you do if we were told that the Earth ends tomorrow?”

    I sat there muttered to myself the following;
    Who told you that?
    How do they know it is?
    If it is true, surely they would have known for ages?
    You never get an accurate weather forecast so I wouldn’t worry
    It’s just a bit cloudy….Armageddon
    What time exactly is it going to end? 12 noon GMT?
    I’ve always wanted to kick a duck up the arse

  16. Well in my culture they say dreaming about snakes means that someone is envious of you. 😅

    Lately I’ve been busy in the gynaecology department running around and getting the job done. It’s a crazy place to work in since most cases are usually emergency cases. 😅

  17. Dreaming about snakes?😂 Not to freak you out or anything -my mum always says dreaming snakes means you have a lot of backstabbers who are pretending to be your friend in your life. It’s mostly about being wary about your surroundings.

    I am sorry if I have freaked you out –maybe you just watching too many horror movies or your mind creating odd dreams 🤷‍♀️

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