Six Word Story #133

Desultory lives are lives fully enjoyed.

I have a little story behind what inspired todays six word story. I have always been the kind of person who wants to make sure that things are planned well ahead of time, that everything goes exactly as planned and over the years I’ve begun to see just how problematic that has been for me. As much as I think some planning is necessary in life as I get older I now see that letting the universe take charge and going with it is the best way to live. That’s when you are truly able to live life and I’ve noticed that after I stopped being so rigid about things I’ve had so many awesome experiences I otherwise would never have had. So, here’s to living free I guess 🥂🍾 (I may have used this word very incorrectly but whatever life goes on lol 😂)

Today’s Word:


1marked by lack of definite plan, regularity, or purposea dragged-out ordeal of … desultory shopping— Herman Wouk
2not connected with the main subjectdesultory comments

3disappointing in progress, performance, or quality

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41 thoughts on “Six Word Story #133

  1. When plan has an outcome unintended is indication of more than one planner¡
    Said is a shared vision, but only as it remains shared with my vision.
    Must be careful during observation; not all that is witnessed is spontaneous behavior. Might be other’s plan for a con¿
    Paranoia is no indication of mental instability; jus outlook concerning the human condition.
    Success breeds happiness, happiness breeds failure; only the paranoid survive¡

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