Some Feedback

Now that I’ve had some time off blogging I’m super excited to get back into it! I was thinking about some post ideas last night and then I thought… it’s a new year so maybe I should talk to you guys and see what y’all want to read on here. Let me know on the form below what you would like to read on lifesfinewhine this coming year. I would love broader answers like “short stories” or “mental health posts” or more specific ideas like “5 ways to make vegan milk” or something like that. Actually, very specific ideas would be very much appreciated lol! Thanks for leaving feedback and let me know if the form doesn’t work because sometimes it does that. Please refrain from leaving any feedback in the comments sections. Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “Some Feedback

  1. Your posts are so informative and lovely as it is. I would be lovely if you wrote about the benefits of consistency in every of life.

    Just an emphasis on consistency and the benefits you have experienced.

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