A Little Throwback

I have been blogging for a long time now and you guys have seen me throughout the years as I have changed and grown. I love that I’ve shared so much of my journey with you guys. BUT I realise that I’ve never shared any pictures of me when I was younger on here.

I have been reminiscing a lot since I moved back to Kenya. I have been thinking a lot about who I thought I would become when I was younger and who I am now. I think my younger self would be proud (and irritated that I never became the lead singer of a band and randomly got discovered even though I have no actual musical talent). We are all on this crazy journey of life and I think I’ve been incredibly lucky and blessed.

To be honest, I haven’t shared pictures of myself when I was younger anywhere much but I recently did a couple of trends on social media and I had to dig up some old photos for that and I thought why not share them here too. So this is me as a child- I have no idea a how old I am but I’m guessing just a couple of years:

Just a little background to this picture- I’m pretty sure my mum had cut my hair for me because she usually cut my hair till I got older. She also loved dressing me up in clothes like these although I generally wore much more tie-dye clothing that she liked to make herself. I’ll share some pictures of me in clothes she made when I was younger if I find them.

And this is me in 2010:

Feels like a lifetime ago if I’m being honest but it’s nice to go down memory lane sometimes and remember the good old days. I usually don’t smile in pictures anymore because I feel like smiling distorts my features and makes my face look bigger than it is but back in the day I didn’t care about things like that and was happy to smile in pictures. And I look super tan because I spent a lot more time outdoors in the sun. I miss the tan if I’m being honest lol. Also those bruises on my knees did absolutely end up becoming permanent scars that I still have. Thanks, past Pooja.

I know this was quite a short post but I thought it would be fun to share something new although those of you who are on my social media pages may have already seen some of these. Maybe not the 2010 one since I dug that up from my old FaceBook page that I don’t really use anymore.

Do you have any favourite memories from when you were younger? What was your favourite hobby when you were young? Let me know in the comments because I love chatting with you guys there!

One quick thing before I end this: I’ve gotten a bunch of spam comments of someone hitting on women in my comments section. Luckily most of them went to spam and are now deleted but if any get by please ignore them! Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience!

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64 thoughts on “A Little Throwback

  1. Baby Pooja is so cute! Great photos, Pooja, thanks for sharing these photos. I have one photo of me in the family boat in the early 70s which is cool, and some others buried deep in my archives.

    1. Aww haha thanks 🥰❤ Ooh if you ever find those pics you should post them I would love to see what you were like back then!

  2. Short and sweet and such an adorable picture. In the first one you look around 5 or 6 to me?
    I love your beautiful smile and dog and that your mom made your clothes..
    I think your 5 year old self would be quite proud especially if you could reenact a song and sing it to all of us now. You have beautiful features Pooja and If I could post my wrinkles up close and personal …hahaha 😂 you can sing a song and be proud of that smile you wear so well! 💖🌻

    1. Thank you! Yeah I believe I was around that age but not too sure. Haha I would love to sing for you but I have no musical talent unfortunately 😅

  3. Very cute photos!! I love going through my childhood photos too – all bruised up and tan from playing on the street. I also love how we didn’t care about the right angle/lighting etc. In younger photos. ☺️

    1. “Not caring about the right angle or lighting” – Oh my! This is so true! And I haven’t thought about that until you said it. Wow! Priorities certainly change as we mature, don’t they?

  4. I have the same fear that smiling will distort my features until I mastered the art of smiling with my eyes. My pictures before that just look like I’m gonna jump out of the picture and beat someone up lol.

  5. 🤣 I guess we ALL dream of being rock stars! Thanks for the glimpse into Little Pooja. It’s so nice to learn more about you, especially your pics from childhood! When I was young, I loved to sing, write and read, and I am blessed to be doing all that now! 🙏

    1. Lol one day we shall succeed and become rock stars! Thanks so much and I loved the same things when I was young. It’s so great you still get to do that!

  6. My favourite memories of when I was younger was just playing outside with all my friends. We used to build forts, play games and generally had lots of fun. It was great, I miss those days. Great post.

  7. You’ve always had a smile on your face. That is beautiful. When I was younger I had a low self-esteem, didn’t smile much.

    I don’t even know how it all changed, now people look up to me, I’m very confident and calm, and admirers say I have a beautiful smile.

    Looking back now, those days of low self-esteem – which lasted till I was about 16/17 – probably helped me to develop my leadership skills, which includes being calm, deep-thinking, and ability to always find solutions.

  8. Growing up, I would draw, read, write, sing and travel with my church. I still enjoy those things, but I just don’t travel. Cute pics of you, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Once pictures age a decade or so they become priceless, hang on to those as you will value them even more in 20 years. A memory that I will share was about playing outdoors when I was around eleven years old. It seems to me that I was always playing hide and seek or kick the can. I ran or rode my bike everywhere. I enjoyed going to the swimming pool also and my dad would drive me there usually and give me 15 cents to catch the bus because the walk home was an hour walk or so. I always spent the 15 cents on candy and walked. 15 cents would buy a little bag because I candy was two or three for one penny.

  10. Re-imagining, your childhood images and experiences tells, who you really are.

    I’m recognise this blog, with your name “Pooja”, which means “praying” in India. One of my close sister has the name ‘Puja’.

    I want to say, “You are a beautiful human.” And I don’t lie (never).

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