5 Thoughts Every WordPress Blogger Has Had

Thoughts Of A WordPress Blogger

Today I thought I would take a break from blogging advice and write a more general post about WordPress. I actually got the idea for this post from one of my favourite bloggers. You probably know her as Happy Panda and if you don’t already follow her I don’t know what you’re doing with your life… Just kidding! But do check out her post by clicking here.

We all have certain thoughts about as bloggers and today I wanted to share some thoughts I believe all bloggers have had at one point or the other:

1. I F&%cked Up…

Damn It How I Met Your Mother GIF by Laff

This is one I have had A LOT, I’m not going to lie… Lol! And if you say you haven’t, I definitely don’t believe you. Whether it’s the moment you press publish by mistake, accidentally forgot to save and closed the tab, forgot to schedule your post at the right time. And thanks to the unnecessary changes WordPress makes every five minutes I have been exclaiming this a lot more often, lol!

2. I Will Smack You

Check Yourself Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Yup, we have all been at this point of fury as a blogger. It could be when we notice one of our posts being stolen/plagiarised, talking to an unhelpful Happiness Engineer, getting into a tussle with someone in the comments or some other time. But we have all been at a point where we were ready to throw hands.

3. Yay!

Excited Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

This has been my exact reaction when I get a notification for almost seven years now (how has it been so long??). Notifications always make me so incredibly happy and in particular comments always make me say “yay!” Personally, that’s really my favourite part of blogging.

4. Am I Losing My Touch?

Emma Stone What GIF by Regal

Ever had that moment when a post you love so much does horribly and you’re just like “am I losing my touch??” Sometimes I see my older posts that have like 200+ and 300+ likes and I sometimes feel like I’m losing what made me popular. BUT, then I remember I was a lot more active back then and it’s totally okay that my traffic is not as much since I’m not as active.

I have different priorities now that I work full time and that’s fine. And also, now that I’m slowly getting more active my stats are going back to normal which is awesome. Plus, some of the lack of traffic and following has to do with WordPress’s algorithm change. And I don’t care about that as long as my favourite bloggers are still by my side. Although some of them have mysteriously disappeared over the years but that’s a post for a different day.

Anyway, I know we’ve all had a moment even if it was a fleeting moment where you feel like you’re losing your touch.

5. Maybe I Should Quit WordPress?

Kenan Thompson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

We all have a moment at least once in our blogging days where we consider quitting. Sometimes it’s because we are overwhelmed, sometimes because we’re just irritated by WordPress and sometimes just because you’re in a bad mood.

Either way, we have all had at least one moment where we are like “should I just quit and disappear?” (much like some bloggers I loved back when I started… seriously what happened to them??).


I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to switch things up a little today with the post and write something more general since my fingers are still not great and I can’t type a lot. My blogging advice posts tend to be a little longer.

Have you ever had any of these thoughts? What thoughts do you think all bloggers have that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

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130 thoughts on “5 Thoughts Every WordPress Blogger Has Had

  1. I connect with all five of these thoughts. Lol. Especially wanting to slap someone and feeling as though I’ve lost my touch. Lol.

    Thank you for sharing this one, Pooja. I hope your fingers will get better soon!

  2. Good points, Pooja. I have felt like walking away from my blog more than once from boredom, frustration with WP and just wanting to do something else that day. But, I always come back for more.

  3. “I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to switch things up a little today with the post and write something more general since my fingers are still not great and I can’t type a lot. My blogging advice posts tend to be a little longer.”

    I diD Enjoy
    Very mucho mas!

  4. I really enjoyed this post. The points you have mentioned definitely comes in my mind . But as you said the more you active the more traffic you’ll get since I’m not active bc of my exams. I feel like it’s fine. Bc if I’ll be I’ll do better and my stats will be up.

    Thanks for sharing😊

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah it all depends on how active you are. Obviously due to exams you can’t be so active but once you’re done your stats will improve.

      1. You are absolutely right.. In fact I just didn’t check your posts from two days bc of my practicals but finally checked in the morning when I got some time.

  5. I’ve definitely thought about quitting WordPress, especially since I’ve been investing more time on Medium. But I’m so emotionally attached to this blog because it’s my first one and I’ve had it since 2014. Lol

    1. Oh I see, is Medium better? I’ve been hearing a lot about it from bloggers lately. I get what you mean, this blog is like my baby sometimes lol.

  6. 😃 That was a humorous post.

    On a serious note, I have never published a blog post by mistake on my current blog.

    The last time I published a blog post by mistake was back in 2012 with my now defunct blog.

    I am too experienced to make those kinds of mistakes.

  7. Much of these rings true for me too. The one about the number of likes and comments is interesting. So many people that I used to actively engage with are gone. They became so frustrated with the new “blocks” format that they just left. I also think people may tend to focus more on Instagram and Twitter now too. Diehard bloggers may be a dying breed, but I’m sticking with it and glad you are too 😊

    1. Thanks. I have seen so many people leave after the block editor and more left last year after the algorithm update which made WP even less user friendly. I have also noticed less new bloggers join this platform since there are more user friendly ones out there.
      Yeah, I’m definitely going to be sticking with it and not going anywhere any time soon. Happy you’re sticking with it too.😊

  8. Interesting blog.
    I have certain emotions that I can share.
    Sometimes I feel upset when a certain of my blog doesn’t work that well. I work really hard(we all do) but then, if it fails to get interaction I feel bad.
    Also, I have a good experience with many people that I’ve interacted here, but some are just too much. People have said me that I’m passive aggressive as I’m liking and commenting on their stuff lot and yes I’m being called toxic positive as well. I also feel bad when my content gets ignored by my followers. I see them doing decent activity on other sites/blog but they have choosen to neglect my blog completely. I really appreciate comments, so that I can improve my stuff better. I feel like I need new loyal readers. There are only 4-5 loyal readers.
    I don’t feel like giving up just yet. Because I’m enjoying it here. I want to read work of a lot of people and I want to see how many followers I can get. I’m thinking to start with medium, but that would be secondary.
    Kindly, take care, wishing you some power and happiness.

    1. Thanks.

      That happens to most bloggers, some posts just don’t hit like we thought they would.

      Yes, some interactions aren’t positive but luckily most of my interactions have been good on WP.

      Definitely don’t give up, WP takes a while for you to build your following and traffic but it’s so worth it over time.

      1. How you deal with negative interaction?
        Like, if someone is saying a bad thing . How do you handle it here??
        I’m not giving up yet, I have so many good blogs to write. Then whenever I read your blogs. I admire them. For me you are a true blogger. I learn a lot from you. You are very guiding. Thanks for all this. 🙇🏻‍♂️🌼

        1. I have learnt to ignore it. It’s just not worth getting into an argument with people like that because there’s no winning.
          Thanks so much, happy you’re not giving up 😊

  9. This post was fun and slightly relevant to me (as I am a new blogger and haven’t gone past point 3). Also, the post made me aware about Happy Panda- such a beautiful blog she has. Thanks!

  10. Number 4 has been my vibe… Algorithms are weird sometimes. 🤷 Or because number 1 🙈.

    Sorry to hear your fingers still hurt! It must be frustrating! Sending good vibes your way

  11. hahaha, fun post to read. Within less than 1 year of blogging, I experienced 3 emotions vividly. The “yay” every time I receive a notification and a fiesta for every follow. “I will Smack you” every time I schedule a post, and some delay or trouble happens with the reader. “I fucked up” always while learning to use the service and build my blog 😵‍💫.

  12. Every blogger can relate to it. There’s one thing that bloggers face definitely at some point is writer’s block. Also, WordPress is just ruining the blogging experience. When I started WordPress was simple and more user-friendly, but over the years it has become worst. They make it more complicated with unnecessary updates and features.

    1. Thanks. Writer’s block is definitely common. So true, WP was amazing before but over the years it has gotten less and less user friendly.

  13. Ok, for me, #1-2 down to 50% of the time, #3, depends on who the notice is from, then it depends on if I’m napping, # 4 rarely these days. #5- I quickly learned to stop competing with anyone but mostly against myself so this one is now moot. OK that was enough honesty for this year 😉

  14. Thank you for this! As someone who is just starting, your thoughts are so on point and your advices is amazing. You give me so much Inspiration! Fightinggg to you and your blog! 💚

  15. Throw some hands , Yes😉. I’m not active a lot because of WI-FI, I agree it would really boost my traffic. Thank you, this post literally had me laughing 😊

  16. You’re right Pooja. I too isn’t much active now on WordPress because of those ‘full-time priorities’ and had these thoughts. But again I don’t want to lose everything I built here (including my blogging friends).
    It’s the only place that calms and intrigues me whenever feel down.

    1. Yes, sometimes we have to put real life first and that means not being as active on WordPress. But I think it’s possible to be somewhat active here and do everything you need to in life.
      It really is a place that makes you feel calm. Blogging has been so therapeutic for me.

  17. “X wrote a post about that not long ago, am I stealing X’s ideas?”. There’s a common myth in blogging that if someone else wrote about an idea, you don’t need to/are just stealing their ideas. Backlinks were literally made for such an occasion lol. Moreover, my own mother actually said to me the other day that if someone has already covered a topic then I don’t need to. I very nearly threw her out of the window, or defenestrated her, as I’ve since learned is a word! Lol

    1. Yes, so true. It’s totally okay to get inspired by someone else’s posts as long as you are not stealing it word for word and are giving them credit for the original post. People sometimes don’t understand the difference between stolen content/plagiarism and getting inspirational from another post.
      Also, if you think about it almost every idea must have been written about at some point. We’re just giving our own twist to it.
      Lol I love the word defenestrated although I would recommend not defenestrating anyone in your free time 😂

      1. Exactly. I’ve been plagiarised before but it was ‘mosaic plagiarism’, where she was taking my ideas, bits of what I’d said and my experiences and passing them off as her own. I smelled a rat and then it happened a few times, so I had a word lol. You don’t? As well, see? There’s the catch. I don’t have to follow recommendations 😉😂

        1. I’ve had a number of people doing that and trying to steal my style. It’s always so weird to me lol 😂
          I mean you’re free to do as you like… 😜

          1. Right? It’s like “who you trying to fool?!”. It’s funny how I’ve read her since and now she’s not trying to copy me she’s just really vicious about everything and everyone, it really goes to show how if you’re friendly (but in your own way lol) it can work for you.
            Awesome! Window closed it is 😂 for real there are definitely a few people I could gladly defenestrate at the moment lol. I won’t, but I definitely could!

            1. Lol some bloggers are just strange. I always find it so funny because isn’t the point of blogging to express yourself. So if you steal everything why even blog… 😂

              I have thought of defenestrating some people in my time but have never gone through with it (till now…) 😂

  18. I definitely relate to the moments when you think, “Am I Losing My Touch?” Inconsistent likes and/or comments happen a lot on my blog — I think because I write about so many different things; and bizarrely enough, the things I really care the least about seem to get the most likes. I’m not into SEO and all of the bells and whistles that would increase traffic to my sight… I fear that if I got into them, blogging would become more of a chore and less of a joy. My plan is to just keep doing what I do; and to hopefully meet some like-minded folks along the way. Great post, Ms. Pooja! Thank you for sharing; and I hope your hands feel better very soon! 🤗

    1. It’s the same for me. I always get random amount of likes and comments because I post about lots of topics. I think it’s a good idea to keep doing what you enjoy and not ruin it with SEO. Even though I do try to be SEO friendly, I also don’t care too much if a post isn’t.

      Thanks so much! 🤗

  19. Ha, I can also identify with some of these! When I started (about 7 weeks ago now) I was experimenting with theme templates until I found one I liked and could work with. I hadn’t realised that my first experimental posts were public, until they started receiving likes! I decided to make a joke about it and it was fine. I think it is vital to be authentic and that includes fronting up when we make a mistake. People understand and, in the bigger scheme of things, no real harm is caused.

  20. In a strange coincidence, I just read that post of Happy Panda’s today. Another blogger had featured her on her blog, and Happy Panda mentioned that one as one of her favorites.

    Just like Happy Panda’s thoughts, all of yours hit close to home!

  21. Ahaha this is very relatable 😂 I remember for the longest time my “scheduled” posts were not being published at the correct time… and only then I realised that I wasn’t in the right timezone… how smart of me! 😂

  22. 5. Maybe I Should Quit WordPress?

    I have quitted WordPress certain times. Things are okay when they make sense & in control.

    I enjoy wordpress, more kind of a reader, of blogs of my interests.

    1. Yeah, I think we all have moments where we want to quit but we always come back.

      I love reading other blogs too and I try to as much as possible.

  23. Thanks for Another enjoyable post. I can most certainly relate when you find your post has been ripped by another blogger as i found out when on Hubpages some had totally ripped the whole thing including the pictures lol 😂😂 causing me to just shut down my account. didn’t find it funny at the time but can laugh now.

  24. 1: Yes, definitely. I remember once when i was late to publish a post, and when I finally did, I had forgotten to add tags or categories. And I didn’t even notice it at first until I realized it had been almost a day and I hadn’t gotten any engagement (views, likes, and all that). I mean, I’m not popular, but I’m not that unpopular! So yes, I cursed myself out for that period.

    2: I have been annoyed at WordPress for one reason or the other multiple times, but the one time that made me want to pull my hair out is when I was typing a post, and it just wouldn’t save! I annoyed my mom that day with constant rantings, lol.

    3: Yep. Especially on days when I get more likes than usual, and when you comment 🙂

    5: Absolutely

    1. Lol I have made that mistake and published without any tags. I’ve also made the mistake of miscounting and using too many tags. It definitely happens.

      Urghh WP definitely can be so glitchy and I know all bloggers can relate to your frustrations with it. I definitely can.

      Aww haha thanks!

  25. Haha, number 4 and 5 constantly emerge in my mind. The thing is the doubt and the impatience are really plaguing me all the time. Losing touch is such an accurate description of it.

    1. Yeah I have those thoughts too and sometimes feel I am losing my touch. But it’s important to forget about things like that and just enjoy yourself no matter how your readers receive your content.

  26. literally the 1st one!!! im cracking up that was me probably in the first year (and true, im the one always publishing when the posts aren’t even finished, embarrassing!)
    i def had thought a lot about quitting in this year but its just so fun i can’t leave…

  27. I am very new to blogging so I haven’t had a chance to get to all of them yet. The ‘yay’ one came to mind for me when I hit 5 likes on my blog. That one made me say ‘yay’.

  28. Even though I have been only writing my fiction stories on Substack for seven months, I question my work everyday. I have a few subscribers but by not seeing an increase or comments from new readers can be very discouraging to me. Pooja, how have you dealt with disappointment during all your years of writing?

    1. I have absolutely dealt with that kind of disappointment. It still gets to me sometimes when a post doesn’t do as well as I expect it to. I think what helps me the most is to just concentrate on the content and try to enjoy that.

  29. So so true I had all these thoughts and some still having. I’ve also read the ones from Moksha’s blog. Too relatable.

    I wanted to quit dirimgy hiatus and especially because my blog crashed and I lost ally followers in the process. I don’t even know what I’m still doing on this app. 😅😅😅

    1. Thanks so much. Oh wow, that sucks. When I upgraded over two thousand of my non-WordPress followers disappeared but luckily I got them back.

  30. As a new blogger, my major fear is getting views, likes and comments from my posts. I share my blog across various social media platforms yet I still get that anxiety 😩

  31. I can’t believe I missed reading this!!!!

    So so so relate with all 5.
    #1 – when I realise I haven’t gotten anything scheduled for my scheduled posting days 🙈
    #2 – some bloggers be annoying AF. I sometimes feel like I made more genuine connections in 2020 when everyone was losing their shit and used the blogosphere to genuinely connect with other people.
    #4 & #5 – ALL the time. From spending 2-3 hours everyday on my blog to finding it difficult to even take out 10mins on a daily basis to blog – it’s gotten harder to take out time which also reflects in my low low stats. But I’m hoping I keep at it.

    Love the post and love the gifs!!!!

    1. Thanks so much!

      Yeah 2020 was a great year for blogging. I think a lot of bloggers left after that so it’s hard to even find a lot of bloggers to connect with. Back then there were so many more regular bloggers.

  32. Damn! These are all so relatable! Except the plagiarism part! I know it exists everywhere and that’s sad 🙁 But I haven’t been able to connect well enough to know if my content is plagiarised or not 🙁 Whatever! Your post felt like a reminder! Thank you! Keep writing! It’s interesting to read some relatable stuff 🙂

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