The Widow

The Widow

As it rained outside the window There stood a crying widow With each drop that rained down Along fell a tear on her black gown Even with so much sadness in her eyes And her face stained from silent cries She was a breathtaking sight to see Surely no one could deny her beauty With [...]

I Still Love You

I Still Love You


It still makes me angry to think of you

Sometimes I wonder if you've moved on

Then I remember all the things you did

I can't believe I ever let you into my life

Like an unexpected storm you turned it upside down

Love isn't supposed to hurt like this

Love is supposed to be pure

Or maybe I'm just delusional

Vile words we yelled at each other still haunt me

Every single day and every single night

You broke my heart

One word at a time

Until you turned our love into hate

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Monsters Out Of Men

Monsters Out Of Men

Clipped wings, our world grips us into a firm hold telling us a decision for our life needs to be made, bought and sold Like a caged bird we sit and sing and wait for the decision to be made, In our songs remains a saddened ring Manipulating their fellow beings, writing upon this canvas [...]

6000+ WordPress Followers!

I honestly had a totally different post planned for today but I woke up and to my surprise I realised this blog had reached 6000+ followers! I want to thank everyone who followed me and I also want to thank everyone who took the time to read, like and share any of my posts. I [...]