5 Friends You Need To Have

Friends You Need To Have

In high school you’re very likely to hang out with lots of different types of people. Even though school can seem like a total drag sometimes the best part can be all the people you get to interact with. There are some people in school that you should definitely avoid but here are some that you should stop avoiding and start becoming friends with:

The book nerd

She/he is probably sitting in a library engrossed in a large book that gives you anxiety just thinking of it (unless you too are a nerd like me in which case you will feel a warm, fuzzy feeling inside). This friend probably has really bad social anxiety and often needs a push from you. Admittedly, they’re a little shy and awkward at first but go approach him/her and begin a conversation because I bet they will have some insanely interesting topics to talk to you about. Plus, nerds are great because they’re loyal, warm, understanding and sweet. Also, they’re secretly a badass just waiting for a partner in crime- someone to unleash their crazy.

The extrovert

This is the fun crazy one who drags you out to parties when you’re feeling down. She’ll/he’ll always be there for you at your lowest and cherish your happiness with you at your highest. This kind of friend is usually very social and friends with everyone around them. He/she loves to have a good time and you rarely ever see them unhappy or sad. They’re almost always smiling and their laugh is contagious. You need this friend because everyone needs a lift-up and they’re the best person to be around when you’re feeling low.

The nice one

He/she says yes to everything and always agrees. You secretly wonder if she/he is actually a psychopath looking for the perfect moment to kill you. This friend is always there for you no matter what and always listens when you have a problem. This kind of friend is really hard to find because no one is this genuinely nice anymore. However, he/she is pretty naïve so make sure you’re also always there when he/she needs you to point out when someone is taking advantage of his/her kindness.

The punk

He/she is probably dressed in all black (because it rules!) and is pretty quiet and deep. This friend usually listens to Nirvana or Six Inch Nails or Five Finger Death Punch and talks more about death than old people. But she/he is also a risk taker and will probably scare away anyone who tries to mess with you. Plus, he/she probably has a secret happy side that she only shows to people she/he really likes.

The hipster

Being hipster is the trend right now but only few can claim to be real hipsters. You’ll probably find this friend reading very controversial philosophical books under a tree wearing bright colors and hipster glasses. Even though people love to hate on hipsters they are a lot more fun than most people and they’re a lot smarter than people would like to admit. They’re also good at artsy stuff and since hipsters are probably going to take over the world soon it would be a good idea to get into some artsy stuff yourself. They’re also super sarcastic (which is always fun) and you might find yourself learning a lot from them.


So this pretty much sums up all the different types of people you should try and interact with in school because trust me you will not regret it- I speak from experience. They may not be that popular or inviting but once you become good friends with them you will really love them!

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