Back To School: The Stress Awakens


Okay so I’m just going to admit it, going back to school sucks. Honestly, I am excited to see my friends and I love the subjects I do but school can really be such a drag. First of all the waking up early part really sucks, then you have to do boring things like sit in class and listen and study. After such a long holiday it can really feel like a drag to have to go back to school so here are a few ways to make going back to school slightly less horrible:

Be positive

I know this one sounds really cliché but sometimes having a positive attitude can do wonders. Instead of complaining try to be happy about the things you’re looking forward to- like seeing all your friends again and learning new and interesting things. Your brain will be able to sense the positivity even if you’re faking it so eventually you’ll realize you have stopped faking it and are genuinely positive.

Be creative

If you go to a school like mine where you wear uniform and aren’t allowed to wear any sort of jewelry or colorful things or leave your hair open or paint your nails (no I do not go to military school) it’s hard to be creative with the way you look so instead you can be creative in other ways. Like for example you can decorate your notebooks by maybe covering them with wrapping paper, adding stickers or even drawing something cool on the cover.

I often used to get bored in class and so I used to write my favorite lyrics and quotes and stuff behind my book which is fun and kind of inspiring at the same time (although maybe don’t do it during class). You can also redecorate your compass and sew things into it (if you know how to sew) or else you can just like stick some stuff on it to make it look more fun and artsy.


Since I’m in year 13 I have a lot of free time and sometimes reading or writing during these times can be really fun. I’ve actually been writing a lot of my posts in school because after I’m done with my homework and stuff there isn’t much for me to do. Plus, for some weird reason I really get some good ideas in school.

You can also spend some of your free time reading instead of sulking about how much school sucks. I am almost always in the library when I don’t have class and reading really wakes you up and relaxes you too. Also, a real positive of hanging out in the library is that you don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t want to, like all you do is smile or say hi and then you go back to whatever you’re doing because you’re technically not allowed to talk in the library.


Smiling is really good for your brain! Smiling has the same effect on your brain as exercising. Just like your brain tells you to smile when it’s feeling happy, a smile can tell your brain to be happy. It’s not much but a smile can really get you through a lot of things for example the first day of school. So go ahead and smile at people and if they take it as a signal to start a conversation tell them you’re busy and go to the library!

Go shopping

Getting something new can really make you more enthusiastic even about things like going back to school. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on buying new things but you can buy something small like a new bracelet or earrings or a nail polish. Or you can buy decorating items and decorate something you already have. Last year I bought a bunch of badges and put them on my bag. Instead of buying something new you can always also make something new like one of my friends made some amazing badges of her own which looked amazing.

Do something new

Instead of looking like you always do (not that there’s anything wrong with how you generally look) you could try out a new look. Maybe you could get a new hairstyle. Instead of doing what you regularly do maybe you could braid your hair, straighten it instead of curling or vice versa, maybe you could do a bun instead of the usual ponytail (you get the drift).

If you like how your hair looks maybe you can get some new shoes or redecorate your old ones for a new look. If you wear glasses maybe you can get a new frame and if you don’t wear glasses maybe you can get glasses for a while. Sometimes it’s cool to try new looks and you may just end up loving your new look and that guy you’ve secretly had a crush on for ages might just notice your new look and come over to talk to you!

Talk more

I know it sounds scary/stupid but participating in class can actually be a lot of fun. Once you do it a couple of times you’ll kind of get over the fear of participating and you’ll actually learn and have fun. Honestly, just try it!


I just wanted to add that even though we tend to put a lot of importance on education it is not the end of the world if you don’t do well in a certain subject or if you fail something. You can just try to work harder and if you still don’t do that well remember that lots of people who made it weren’t great at education either. Everyone is talented in different ways and just because you’re not book smart doesn’t mean you can’t make it in another field. Also, since my school has started I may not be able to post that often so please just bear with me.

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