I Am Scared- Poetry

I am scared of what I’ll find

Behind the closed doors

I’ve been hidden from

I am scared of the stories

I’ve heard about the world

I can’t stay ignorant anymore

I have to go out there

But I’m scared of what’s out there

Inhumane is in itself an irony

Mocking, teasing, suicide

Abuse, rape, murder

I’m scared I’ll be a victim

If I stay out too late

If I express myself

I have been hidden behind the walls of shelter

Of my father, of my brother

But what of those

Who are left naked in this world?

I am scared

Of what might happen to them

This powerfully raw poem is about being scared to explore the world around us because of all the terrible things that are going on. Even though we feel the need for change we are sometimes simultaneously afraid of this change, what it may mean for us and how it may affect our lives.

This amazing poem was written by MistryLand and if you want to check out more from her visit her blog: https://mistry07.wordpress.com/

And follow her comics on tapastic: http://tapastic.com/series/MistryLand

If you want to check out more of her poetry click here.

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One thought on “I Am Scared- Poetry

  1. I’ve started enjoying your writing..the poms are superb with a lot of feelings and depth.. Keep writing! I feel so tempted to press the like button the moment I finish reading your poem. 🙂


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