The Pouring Rain

The rain pours outside

As I look out of the window

Of the abandoned building

I once called home

No one is here now

To watch it with me

To hold me

When the thunder scares me

No one shouts out

That the dinner’s ready

The dark grey clouds

Look angry and alone

They cry over us

Letting the raindrops

Soak us in pain

The rain always makes me sad

Because I no longer

Have anyone to share it with

And alone as always

I draw the curtains

And sit down to eat

As the rain continues to pour outside

I don’t know how to explain what this poem. “The Pouring Rain” is about because I can’t really put it into words. It is basically just about life and how even though when you’re younger growing up sounds amazing but eventually it starts to become a nightmare because it never stops. So much of our youthful innocence is lost as we get older. And consequently we end up becoming much more jaded in life. I hope you enjoyed “The Pouring Rain” and if you did please share your thoughts about it below.

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